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Knifey Weapon Guide: Upgrades, Mods, and Abilities

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Knifey is a Melee-type weapon in the game High On Life. Read on to learn more about this weapon's unique ability, its upgrades and mods, how to get this weapon, and more!

Knifey Information

Knifey Overview
High on Life - KnifeyKnifey
Type Melee
How to Get Obtained During 9-Torg Bounty
Unique Ability Tether
Used to tether to ledges and ziplines for traversal.
Voice Actor Michael Cusack
It's Knifey! He's a talking knife! We don't know much more about him than that. He used to pal around Gene Zaroothian before ending up in the hands of the Torg family. Now he's on your team, thank god. Seriously, he's insane. All he wants to do is kill. He would kill you in a heartbeat if he had any way to do it. And we respect that.

Related Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Don't Knife The Hand That Feeds Take Knifey's advice and stab Gene in the gut.
► What Happens If You Stab Gene?
Bring A Knife to a Gun Fight Get Knifey.
►How to Get Knifey
Eye Scream, You Scream Pop 20 Grunt eyeballs..
►How to Pop Grunt Eyeballs

How to Get Knifey

Obtained During 9-Torg Bounty

How to Get Knifey
1 Slums Fisherman
Speak with the Fisherman
When you arrive at the Slums, you will meet a fisherman who will point you to a laundromat to help you on your search for 9-Torg.
2 Globshot Platform
Use Kenny's Globshot to Access Platforms
Use the Info Scanner to start heading to your destination. Along the way, you will encounter some obstructions. Kenny will teach you how to use his Globshot to open up your path.
3 Laundromat Entrance
Head to the Laundromat
The path to the laundromat is linear but some enemies will try to stop you. Dispatch groups of enemies using Globshot to make quick work of them.
When you reach the laundromat, proceed to the door with the skull and swords sign where you will obtain Knifey.

Knifey Abilities

Primary Melee Weapon

Stabby Stabby.jpg

If there's one thing this psychotic knife loves more than anything, it's stabbing people and straight up murdering them on sight. His melee attack allows for heavy damage when a boss is stunned by Kenny's Glob Shot or Sweezy's Time Bubble.

Open Luglox Chests

You will need Knifey to open the Luglox Chests scattered around the world. These collectibles offer plenty of Pesos alongside Warp Crystals, Mods, Upgrades, and rare collectible Trading Cards, so try to look for every single one of them!

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Tether to Hookbugs and Ledges

Knifey can also help you traverse the game's world by tethering to Hookbugs and certain magnetic ledges.

Deflect Attacks

Knifey Deflect.png
Knifey can also deflect some bigger attacks from bosses and Gus' Disc Shot, but he cannot block everything that comes your way.

How to Deflect

How to Pop Grunt Eyeballs

Land the Killing Blow with Knifey

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Eye Scream, You Scream Pop 20 Grunt eyeballs.
► How to Pop Grunt Eyeballs

To pop a Grunt's eyeball and get the killcam, soften them up first by landing a few bodyshots to remove their Goop armor, then go up close and land the killing blow with Knifey.

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Knifey Upgrades & Mods


Upgrade Effect and Price Location
High on Life - StaggerStagger Allows Knifey's attacks to stun.
1000 Pesos
Big Deal Emporium

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