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Post Game Guide: What to Do After Beating High on Life

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High on Life - Post Game Guide

After defeating Garmantuous and crippling the G3 Cartel, players are free to explore the different worlds in High On Life. Read on to learn more about what to do after you beat the game including info on the availability of New Game Plus (NG+) and the replayability of bounties.

What to Do After Beating High on Life

Find All the Luglox Loot Crates

High on Life - Luglox Loot Boxes

Luglox Loot Crates contain different types of treasure that you can collect and use while playing. Get Weapon Mods, Trading Cards, and Pesos to spare once you decide to hunt down every single Luglox available in the game. A neat reward at the end of this tall task is the achivement, Luglox Genocide.

All Luglox Loot Crate Locations

Buy Warp Discs and Play More Content

High on Life - Buy Warp Discs

Some more unique experiences can be had once you start purchasing the different Warp Discs sold by Blorto in Blim City. If you've yet to check out Cutie Town or the Theater that shows a full-length Demon Wind movie, then spend some of your hard-earned Warp Crystals to purchase a few of them.

Go For All Achievements

If you still have a few of the non-main story achievements locked, now is the time to finish them before starting a new playthrough. Quests like Globo's rise to stardom will be tied to achievements, so make sure to complete these if you haven't to 100% High on Life.

List of Achievements and Trophies Guide

Find the Secret Ending

High on Life - Dr. Gurgula in His Laboratory

While Garmantuous is the final boss, his death is not how High on Life truly ends. Visit Magistrate Clugg's now abandoned office and explore the Human Haven to unlock the Secret Ending that sets up the game for a potential sequel.

How to Find Dr. Gurgula's Hideout: Sequel-Bait Secret Ending Achievement Guide

Can You Replay Bounty Missions?

Bounty Missions are Not Replayable

High on Life - Cannot Replay Bounties

Unfortunately, bounty missions cannot be replayed after you finish them. In order to go toe-to-toe against the many bosses in the game again, you will need to start a New Game from the main menu.

List of All Bounties: Story Walkthrough

Does High on Life Have New Game Plus?

No New Game Plus Available

High on Life - No NG Plus

Unfortunately, there is no option to start a New Game Plus (NG+) run with your current save. Players who want to replay the bounties to get missed achievements will have to start the game from scratch.

Can Continue Exploring After Killing Garmantuous

High on Life - Keep Exploring

On the bright side, players can still explore the different planets after they defeat Garmantuous. Once the credits stop rolling, simply select Continue from the Main Menu screen and it should spawn you back at the house where Gene congratulates you for killing the G3 leader.

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