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How to Beat Douglas and Bounty Walkthrough | How to Fight Douglas' Suit

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High on Life - Douglas Bounty

Douglas is a Bounty target during the main story of High on Life. Read on for a complete Douglas bounty walkthrough including info on how to unlock the contract, all unlockable achievements & weapons, all rewards for completion, puzzle solutions, tips for beating him, and how to fight Douglas' Suit!

Douglas Bounty Overview

Bounty Target Info

G3 Chief of Training and Torture
Bounty Description Trains new recruits at the G3 facilities in Dreg Town. Also tortures them. He's an unpredictable party animal with a big drug abuse problem and he's on thin ice with the G3.
Location Port Terrene
Rewards 1500 Pesos
How to Unlock Complete 9-Torg's Bounty Contract.

Unlockable Weapons

SweezySweezy Type: Rapid Fire Pistol
Unique Ability: Time Bubble
Voice Actor: Betsy Sodaro

Unlockable Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
G3 Graduation Defeat Douglas. 20
Sweezy Like Sunday Morning Obtain Sweezy. 20

List of Achievements and Trophies Guide

Douglas Bounty Walkthrough

Bounty Objectives

Douglas Bounty Walkthrough
1 Accept the Contract and Warp to Port Terrene
2 Use Your Info Scanner to Get to the Gorge
3 Use Tether, Glob Shot, and Dash to Cross the Gorge
4 Speak to Old Wet Grundy to Get Into Old Town
5 Clear Out the G3 Recruits in Old Town
6 Find the G3 Recruitment Center in Dreg Town
7 Speak to the Goop Guy and Get Gooped
8 Participate in the G3 Orientation
9 Find a Way Past the 1-Hour Waiting Room
10 Kill All the Recruits
11 Fight Your Way to Douglas' HQ
12 Defeat Douglas and Obtain His Tentacle
13 Use Sweezy to Escape Douglas' HQ
14 Turn in Douglas' Tentacle

Accept the Contract and Warp to Port Terrene

Accept Bounty Contract

With 9-Torg dead, you're free to kill either of the 2 available bounty targets. Accept Douglas' Bounty at the Bounty 5000 and warp to the planet of Port Terrene to begin.

Use Your Info Scanner to Get to the Gorge

Use Info Scanner

Upon arriving, you'll be greeted by vast tracts of desert. Use your Info Scanner (press T or Up D-pad) to generate waypoints that you can follow to the Gorge, all while dealing with enemies you find along the way.

Use Tether, Glob Shot, and Dash to Cross the Gorge

Gorge Platforming

Once at the Gorge, you will be faced with multiple platforming sequences. Use Kenny's Glob Shot, Knifey's Tether, and your Dash Module to safely make your way across.

Killing or Ignoring the Brothers Will Not Affect the Story

MackinCheese Brothers

The group of related construction workers you find at the start of the Gorge will confront you as soon as you approach them. You can either choose to ignore them or kill them. Either choice will not affect the outcome of the mission.

Speak to Old Wet Grundy to Get Into Old Town

Old Wet Grundy

After you successfully cross the Gorge, speak to Old Wet Grundy to ask him more about Old Town, Dreg Town, the G3, and Douglas. Once you've had your fill of information, allow Grundy to open the gate, giving you access to Old Town.

Clear Out the G3 Recruits in Old Town

Clear Out G3 in Old Town

In this area, you will need to kill multiple G3 Recruits. After the initial wave, the alien guarding the gate to Dreg Town will tell you that you will need to kill the rest of the G3 Recruits before he can lift the lockdown. Do as he says to gain access to Dreg Town.

Enter Dreg Town and Find the G3 Recruitment Center

Recruitment Center

With the way forward clear, head into Dreg Town by taking the funicular (you can listen to Douglas while the animation plays). Once at the town proper, explore the area in order to find the G3 Recruitment Center.

Collect the Warp Crystals From the Warped Bases

Warp Crystal

Midway through this exploration segment, you will fight multiple G3 Recruits and wildlife. Once the fighting concludes, make sure to loot the Warp Crystals that you can find on top of Warped Bases. These are a special type of currency you can spend once you return to Blim City.

Speak to the Goop Guy and Get Gooped

Goop Guy

Before you can even enter the Recruitment Center, you will need to get gooped. Find the Goop Guy tucked inside a small alley and speak to him in order to acquire Goop.

Participate in the G3 Orientation


Being sufficiently goopy, head inside the recruitment center and participate in the Orientation. Once the video ends, you will be put through a battery of tests to gauge your combat skills and movement abilities.

Kill the Recruits to Pick Up Durashields

Kill other Recruits

During the combat trial, you can kill your fellow recruits to get Durashield Pickups which replenish your shields. It will be safe to betray them since they will only aggro one-by-one and not all turn hostile as soon as you shoot one of them.

Use Dodge to Pass the Electric Platforming Segment

Electric Platforming

Dodge will be your go-to movement technique to get through this section unscathed. Remember, at the end of the platforming segment, you will have to make a long jump. Use dash midway through your jump to reach the far cliff edge.

Find a Way Past the 1-Hour Waiting Room

1-Hour Waiting Room

Once you're the last man or woman standing, the next orientation room will have Douglas tell you that you need to wait 1 full hour before you can continue the test. Follow the advice of you gun and use a nearby vent system to bypass the waiting room.

What If You Wait For 1 Full Hour?

Wait 1 hour.jpg

The Walkthrough Team decided to find out, so you don't have to. Douglas will periodically show up every 15 minutes.

What Happens If You Wait One Full Hour?

Solve Dr. Joopy's First Pipe Puzzle to Proceed

Pipe Puzzle

In order to make it to the next portion of the bounty, you will need to help a squid alien named Dr. Joopy. Solve the pipe puzzle he presents you to continue with the mission.

Kill All the Recruits

Training Arena

Despite the promise of a straight shot to Douglas' HQ, the zipline ride will end abruptly as the game throws you into an arena filled with G3 Recruits battling it out. Kill all of them and emerge the victor to proceed with the mission.

Note: Don't forget to collect the Warp Crystal next to the arena exit. Again, this can be used later on as a form of currency at one of the shops back in Blim City.

Solve Dr. Joopy's Second Pipe Puzzle to Proceed

Pipe Puzzle 2

After the recruit battle royale, you will once again need to help Dr. Joopy with another pipe puzzle. Solve it again to proceed further into the G3 Cartel's base of operations.

Fight Your Way to Douglas' HQ

Fight Your Way to Douglas

This next portion of the mission will have you fighting multiple waves of enemies as you press forward towards Douglas' HQ. Kill all of the G3 Recruits attacking you and platform your way up towards Douglas' location.

Solve Dr. Joopy's Third Pipe Puzzle to Open the Door to Douglas' HQ

Pipe Puzzle 3

The final obstacle to the HQ will be another pipe puzzle. Help Dr. Joopy one last time and complete the puzzle in order to unlock the door leading to Douglas' room.

Defeat Douglas and Obtain His Tentacle

Defeat Douglas

After you realize that Dr. Joopy and Douglas are one and the same, make him pay for the deception by killing him. Avoid the electric platforms that light up the arena and keep blasting away until Douglas is defeated.

What to Do When Soft Locked After the Boss Fight

If you find yourself stuck inside the boss room after defeating Douglas, make sure your game is updated. Squanch Games has released a major patch update on December 14, 2022 to address this issue, along with other notable bug fixes.

December 14, 2022 Update and Patch Notes

Use Sweezy to Escape Douglas' HQ

How to Use Time Bubble.

With proof of the bounty's completion secure, pick up Sweezy - a brand new Gatlian - and use her Time Bubble ability to escape Douglas' former HQ. Deal with any enemies you encounter along the way and use the portal to safely warp back to Blim City.

Turn in Douglas' Tentacle

Like with 9-Torg, use the Bounty 5000 to turn in Douglas' Tentacle and complete the bounty. This will either allow you to unlock more contracts or free you up to complete Krubis' Bounty if you have not done so already.

How to Beat Douglas

Douglas Boss Fight Tips

Focus on Dodging the Electric Floor When He Teleports

Dodge Electric Floor

During the boss fight, Douglas will start zipping between different pillars while the ground starts lighting up with electricity. When this happens, ignore Douglas and focus on dodging the electrified platforms. Use your Dodge Module or Knifey's Tether to keep away from the electrified floor tiles.

Deal With the Grunts to Get Durashield Pickups

Get Durashield

Again, midway through the fight, G3 Grunts will start spawning in. Since they're pretty easy to deal with, keep a few of them alive and only kill them once your shields drop too low. They will drop Durashield Pickups which charge you back up, so spacing out the drops will help you survive the boss fight easily.

Use Kenny's Glob Shot to Temporarily Stop Douglas

Glob Shot

Kenny's Glob Shot, while primarily used to take out large enemy groups and clear obstacles, can also stun bosses temporarily giving you a chance to use Knifey for added damage.

How to Fight Douglas' Suit

Douglas' Suit Guide

Get Gus from Krubis' Bounty

How to Get Gus
It's possible to kill Dr. Joopy early and instead fight Douglas' Suit in the boss fight. The primary requirement for this secret boss fight is Gus, whom you obtain at the end of Krubis' bounty.

Gus Weapon Guide:
Upgrades, Mods, and Abilities

Hold Gus While Meeting Dr. Joopy

After obtaining Gus, progress through the Douglas bounty until you reach the first pipe puzzle, where you meet Dr. Joopy for the first time. At this point, you will need to have Gus out for him to start talking with Dr. Joopy.

Likewise, you will also need to have Gus out once you reach the second and third pipe puzzles for him to exchange the necessary dialogue with Dr. Joopy.

Shoot Dr. Joopy Before the Boss Arena

High on Life - Shoot Dr. Joopy Before the Boss Arena
Once you reach the final puzzle before the boss arena with Gus, he will notice that Dr. Joopy messes up the name of one of his children. While it's quickly brushed off, Dr. Joopy slips up again halfway through the puzzle, and Gus calls them out, asking you to shoot them for lying.

Shoot Dr. Joopy to severely wound them and cause them to reveal themselves as Douglas. Afterward, proceed with the rest of the puzzle to reach the Douglas' Suit boss fight.

Take Down Douglas' Suit

High on Life - Douglas
Once inside the boss arena, Douglas will crawl into his suit and die, causing it to enter Chaos Mode and start the boss fight. Take down Douglas' Suit to finish the bounty.

Features New Intro and Dialogue

While this fight plays out the same way as the regular Douglas fight, it does feature a different intro cutscene and new dialogue from Gus and Douglas' Suit.

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