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How to Beat Krubis and Bounty Walkthrough

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High on Life - Krubis Bounty

Krubis is a Bounty target during the main story of High on Life. Read on for a complete Krubis bounty walkthrough including info on how to unlock the contract, all unlockable achievements & weapons, all rewards for completion, puzzle solutions, and tips for beating Krubis during the bounty boss battle.

Krubis Bounty Overview

Bounty Target Info

G3 Chief of Furgle-Mining Operations
Bounty Description Oversees the mining and shipping of furgles (a sentient drug) on Zephyr Paradise. Seems to have a chip on his shoulder about being stuck with such a low ranking on the G3 hierarchy.
Location Zephyr Paradise
Rewards 1500 Pesos
How to Unlock Complete 9-Torg's Bounty Contract.

Unlockable Weapons

GusGus Type: Shotgun
Unique Ability: Disc Shot
Voice Actor: JB Smoove

Unlockable Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Satisfied Gus-tomer Obtain Gus. 20
Cold-Blooded Driller Defeat Krubis. 20
Gunning For Your Job Use Sweezy to boss around the Office Moplets. 20

List of Achievements and Trophies Guide

Krubis Bounty Walkthrough

Bounty Objectives

Krubis Bounty Walkthrough
1 Accept the Bounty and Go through the Portal
2 Explore the Jungle
3 Free the Village
4 Speak to the Moplet Elder
5 Locate the Mansion
6 Get the Warp Remote
7 Return to the Village
8 Go to the Mining Site
9 Find Krubis' Coordinates
10 Find a Blank Warp Disc
11 Return to the Mansion
12 Defeat Krubis and Obtain Gus

Accept the Bounty and Warp to Zephyr Paradise

Accept the Bounty

With 9-Torg dead, you're free to kill either of the 2 available bounty targets. Accept Krubis' Bounty at the Bounty 5000 and warp to the planet of Port Terrene to begin.

Explore the Jungle

Explore the Jungle

When you land in the jungles of Zephyr Paradise, explore and keep heading forward. If you come across enemy groups, you know you're going in the right direction. You can always tap into your Info Scanner to check for the next waypoint. Explore until you reach the Moplets Village.

Shoot the Green Bulbs to Create Platforms

Green Bulbs

Whenever you feel that your path is stumped. Look for green bulbs in the area, shooting these causes the leaf of the plant to expand creating a new platform for you to cross.

Free the Village

Free the Village

Kill the waves of enemies that will swarm towards you as you approach the village. You can also use the terrain to your advantage. The leaves that come out of the green bulbs you shoot have spikes on their ends, shoot them when an enemy is in close range of the plant.

Speak to the Moplet Elder

Speak to Moplet Elder

Speak to the Elder after freeing the Village and they will give you information on finding Krubis. They will tell you to go to the mansion on the other side of the river and retrieve a Warp Remote.

Locate the Mansion

Locate the Mansion

Use your Info Scanner to make your way to the mansion, using Glob Shots to open up new paths and Knifey's Tether to traverse along ziplines. There will be lots of enemies on your path to the mansion so get ready to fight your way through.

Get the Warp Remote

Get Warp Remote

Go inside the mansion and talk to Ranchy, After a brief conversation, you can go ahead and take the warp remote. All you need now is a blank Warp Disc and Krubis' coordinates.

Return to the Village

Return to the Village.jpg

Use the Warp Remote by the river outside the mansion to quickly return to the Village. Talk to the Village Elder and they will give you the access code to the mining site.

Go to the Mining Site

Find the Mining Site

Follow your Info Scanner's waypoint to locate the mining site. Infiltrate the site and kill any G3 members that you find. Get on the elevator down to the mine. The elevator will break, exit through one of the panels and enter the mine.

How to Get Krubis' Coordinates

Go to Administrative Services

Find Krubis

Once inside the mine, and the enemies patrolling it are dealt with, catapult yourself with the Glob Shot to the the upper sectors of the mine. Then tether on the Hookbugs to land on the digger. Jump across to reach Administrative Services. Then talk to Helen. Depending on the gun you have equipped when you talk to her, the outcome will change. Once the employees are gone, you can go into Krubis' office to get his coordinates.

Have Sweezy Talk to Helen at the Front Desk


This achievement will only work if you have Sweezy in your possession and have her talk to Helen at the front desk claiming she is the new boss. This will give you the opportunity to boss around the other Moplets and unlocking the achievement.
Gunning For Your Job Achievement Guide

Not Having Sweezy Yields A Different Outcome

If you do not yet have Sweezy before you start Krubis' bounty you will not be able to get the achievement. Instead you will have to go through a minigame where you have to do paperwork.

How to Get Blank Warp Disc

Save Prince Chosen One

Blank Warp Disc.jpg

Once you have the coordinates all you need is a blank Warp Disc. Go back through the digger's claw and go deeper into the mines until you see a group of Moplets who managed to cage a G3 member. They will tell you that Prince Chosen One has a blank Warp Disc, but that he is held captive.

How to Get Sacred Grounds Warp Disc

Prince Chosen One.jpg

Go deeper into the mine until you see the building to your right. Kill the G3 members inside the base and get the Sacred Grounds Warp Disc. Take the Warp Disc and teleport Prince Chosen One. Once you talk to him, he'll give you a blank Warp Disc.

Return to the Mansion

Return to Mansion.jpg

With both the coordinates and the warp disc in hand, return to the mansion to encode the coordinates to the disc using the computer. Afterwards, go outside to warp Krubis to you.

Defeat Krubis and Obtain Gus

Defeat Krubis.jpg

Krubis is no different from the previous bounty. You can use a combination of Glob Shots and melee attacks to deal heavy damage. If you already acquired Sweezy, you can also use her Time Bubble to freeze Krubis in his tracks, especially when he does his Drill Atttack.

How to Beat Krubis

Krubis Boss Fight Tips

Get Durashield Pickups from Grunts

High on Life - Take Out Grunts for Shield Pickups

Krubis' attacks deal a decent amount of damage, so it's always good to have your Durashield maxed out. Whenever he retreats into the backrooms and spawns G3 grunts for you to kill, only pick up the Durashield drops that you need and save the rest for later in the fight.

Pop Krubis' Pink Mines

Whenever Krubis sends out pink mines while drilling through the ground, clear them out by shooting them as they appear. Doing this will prevent you from accidentally stepping on them while avoiding his other attacks.

Steer Clear of the Drill Attack's Red Lines

High on Life - Steer Clear of the Red Lines

When you lose sight of Krubis, and red lines start appearing in the arena, it signals the start of Krubis' deadly Drill Attack. Prioritize dodging each drill attack and taking advantage of the Hookbugs in the room for added mobility until Krubis shows up again.

Stun Krubis with Glob Shot or Time Bubble

Whenever Krubis is on the ground or stuck in the floor, you can use Kenny's Glob Shot to stun him and deal significant damage with a close-range melee attack.

In addition, if you've already obtained Sweezy from Douglas' bounty, you can also use her Time Bubble to freeze Krubis during his Drill Attack.

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