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How to Beat the Skrendel Bros (Bro-Tron) and Bounty Walkthrough

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High on Life - Skrendel Brothers Bounty Walkthrough

The Skrendel Brothers are Bounty targets during the main story of High on Life. Read on for a complete Skrendel Bros bounty walkthrough including info on how to unlock the contract, all unlockable achievements & weapons, all rewards for completion, and tips for beating Jonathan, Angela, Mona, and Bro-Tron during the mission.

Skrendel Bros Bounty Overview

Bounty Target Info

Skrendel Bros
Skrendel Bros
G3 Laboratory Overseers
Bounty Description Three unsavory brothers who run Skrendel Labs, a G3 facility on Zephyr Paradise that researches new product innovations (i.e., the cloning and breeding of sentient drugs).
Location Zephyr Paradise
Rewards 2000 Pesos
How to Unlock Complete both Douglas' and Krubis' Bounty Contracts.

Unlockable Weapons

CreatureCreature Type: Projectile Launcher
Unique Ability: Birth Blast
Voice Actor: Tim Robinson

Unlockable Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Creature Feature Obtain Creature. 20
Who's The Boss? Defeat the Skrendel Brothers. 45

List of Achievements and Trophies Guide

Skrendel Bros Bounty Walkthrough

Bounty Objectives

Skrendel Bros Bounty Walkthrough
1 Accept the Skrendel Bros Contract
2 Make Your Way to Skrendel Labs
3 Enter the First Lab and Get Creature
4 Reach the Paddock
5 Fight Jonathan Skrendel
6 Reach the Cloning Facility
7 Track Down and Fight Angela Skrendel
8 Track Down the Skrendel Bros and Fight Mona
9 Defeat Bro-Tron
10 Turn In the Skrendel Eye to Complete the Bounty

Accept the Skrendel Bros Contract

High on Life - Accept the Bounty for Skrendel Bros

After forming an alliance with Magistrate Clugg and obtaining the Jetpack, you will gain access to new bounties, one of which is the Skrendel Bros contract. Accept the contract at the Bounty 5000 and use the generated portal to warp back to Zephyr Paradise.

Make Your Way to Skrendel Labs

High on Life - Go to Skrendel Labs

Once you learn about the new overseers in town that are enslaving the Moplets (again), make your way to Skrendel Labs. Defeat the enemies you find along the way and use a combination of all your new traversal skills including Jetpacking, Dodge Jumping, Tethering, and Disc Throwing to get their safely.

Enter the First Lab and Get Creature

High on Life - Obtain Creature

Upon arriving at the first lab after the elevator sequence, explore the area and kill and security grunts left behind. Check out each room in order to find the one room that contains Creature - a new Gatlian to add to your arsenal. Once you pick up Creature, you will unlock the achievement, Creature Feature.

Creature Weapon Guide:
Upgrades, Mods, and Abilities

Reach the Paddock

High on Life - Go to the Paddock

Once you have Creature and his alt fire that can bypass electric lockboxes, make your way to the Paddock area of Skrendel Labs where you first encounter one of the Skrendel Brothers named Jonathan Skrendel. Kill the soldiers guarding him at the paddock to proceed.

Fight Jonathan Skrendel

High on Life - Defeat Jonathan

Once you run down Jonathan Skrendel, a boss fight will trigger, pitting you against the first of the 3 brothers. This will be 1 of 4 boss fights during this contract so make sure to pay attention to Jonathan's moveset as it will reappear later on during the fight with Bro-Tron. After beating him, he will retreat deeper into the facility.

Reach the Cloning Facility

High on Life - Make Your Way to the Cloning Facility

After getting Jonathan to tuck tail and run, make your way to the Cloning Facility of Skrendel Labs. Deal with the security team assigned to the area and chase down the fleeing Angela Skrendel in the area.

Track Down and Fight Angela Skrendel

High on Life - Defeat Angela

Follow Angela Skrendel through the different buildings of the Cloning Facility until you corner him in the Shredder Building. Fight and beat him to progress the contract. Much like Jonathan, this will be the 2nd out of 4 boss fights during this contract.

Track Down the Skrendel Bros and Fight Mona Skrendel

High on Life - Defeat Mona

With Angela dealt with, track downs the final Skrendel Brother into a large arena located within Skrendel Labs. Confront Mona Skrendel and defeat him to proceed to get the other to brothers to reappear.

WARNING: Mona Skrendel's boss fight and the Bro-Tron boss fight will occur one after the other. On higher difficulties, make sure you don't take too much damage while beating Mona otherwise the final fight will be a bit trickier to complete.

Defeat Bro-Tron

High on Life - Skrendel Bros Bounty Contract

After you beat Mona, the three Skrendel Brothers will fuse themselves into Bro-Tron, gaining new AoE attacks while also retaining all the different attack patterns of each Skrendel Brother. Split up the boss and take down each brother one-by-one to complete the bounty and earn the achievement, Who’s The Boss?

Turn In the Skrendel Eye to Complete the Bounty

High on Life - Turn in the Bounty for Skrendel Bros

Once all 3 Skrendel Brothers are dead, use Knifey to obtain the Skrendel Eye from their corpses. This can be turned in at the Bounty 5000 to complete the Skrendel Bros Bounty.

How to Beat the Skrendel Bros

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Jonathan SkrendelJonathan Skrendel Angela SkrendelAngela Skrendel
Mona SkrendelMona Skrendel Bro-TronBro-Tron

How to Beat Jonathan Skrendel

Jonathan Skrendel Boss Fight Tips

Stay Far Away When He Does the Ring AoE Attack

High on Life - Stay Far From the Wave Attack

Once Jonathan starts doing flying elbows into the ground, he will generate toxic wave attacks that you will have to dodge by jumping (no need to Jetpack). To maximize the time for you to react, stay far away from the center of the arena so that the rings that approach are more telegraphed and easy to dodge.

Jump and Dodge to Avoid the Ring AoE Attacks

Since the rings are lower in height (for now), you can avoid taking damage by simply jumping over them. If you find that you incorrectly timed your jump, you can easily course correct using the Dodge Module built into your suit (LCTRL on PC and B on Xbox).

Use Kenny to Deal Good Damage from a Distance

High on Life - Stay Far from Jonathan

The key to this fight is maintaining your distance as Jonathan is nothing but a melee attacker after his jump attacks end. Use Kenny and deal a good amount of damage from range to prevent taking damage yourself.

Do Not Climb the Platforms to Avoid Attacks

While there are platforms around the arena that look like the obvious way to dodge the jumping wave attacks, they are nothing but bait. If you jump or Jetpack on top of a platform, Jonathan will stop his regular attacks and hit you with a rapid-fire ranged attack that can hit you through walls.

How to Beat Angela Skrendel

Angela Skrendel Boss Fight Tips

Keep Your Distance From Angela

High on Life - Keep Distance from Angela

Like with Jonathan, the key to winning this fight is keeping your distance. Since Angela only has 2 attacks (a fling attack and a shotgun blast) it will be in your best interest to maintain distance between yourself and the boss at all times.

Use the Jetpack to Reach Safety When Flung

Use the Jetpack (or the Dodge Module) whenever Angela flings you over the dangerous trash shredder at the center of the room. Given how narrow the room is, dodging the death trap should be relatively easy as long as you're used to the Jetpack's controls.

Kill the Melee Soldiers for Durashield Pickups

High on Life - Defeat the Melee Grunts

If you find yourself running low on Shields, kill the Melee Soldiers that spawn in the arena. Each one will drop a Durashield Pickup on death, allowing you to recharge your suit's shields during the boss fight.

How to Beat Mona Skrendel

Mona Skrendel Boss Fight Tips

Use Sweezy's Time Bubble to Slow Mona Down

Mona's attack pattern is the trickiest of the three brothers since he likes flailing about the arena. To prevent him from poisoning the ground during his erratic (but speedy) attack, use Sweezy's Time Bubble to slow him down. Pepper him with exploding needles before hitting him a charged shot (or melee) to deal massive damage.

Interrupt the Combos Using Glob Shots

Unlike the first two Skrendel Brothers, using Kenny's Glob Shot to interrupt Mona's combos make more sense as hitting him with it will allow you to juggle Mona in the air briefly for free damage.

Save the Shield Pickups in the Arena

If you can, try not to pick up the 3 Durashields scattered in the arena. Since Bro-Tron will trigger immediately after defeating Mona, the shield pickups are better used during that fight since Bro-Tron's attacks are much more difficult to dodge perfectly.

How to Beat Bro-Tron

Bro-Tron Boss Fight Tips

Stay Back and Use Kenny During the Tornado Attacks

High on Life - Keep Distance During Tornado

When Bro-Tron first fuses, they will create multiple tornado attacks that engulf the arena. Stay back and hug the walls of the arena to easily dodge between the gaps of the conjured tornadoes.

WARNING: While tempting, do not try to jump or Tether above Bro-Tron while he is fused. If you do so, he unleashes a melee attack that can usually one-shot you even on Normal Difficulty.

Hover With the Jetpack During the 3-Wave Attack

When Bro-Tron starts doing Jonathan's modified wave attack, the toxic sludge rings will be much higher than before. Since there are only ever 3 waves at a time, forget jumping and use the Jetpack to hover until all 3 waves are gone.

Focus on Killing Jonathan First When Bro-Tron Splits

High on Life - Focus on Jonathan

Once you deplete Bro-Tron's health, he will split back into the 3 Skrendel Brothers - each with their own individual HP bar. During the first split, focus on killing Jonathan. If you kill him quickly enough, the next Bro-Tron fusion phase will not have the wave attacks, making it easier to deal damage due to less dodging.

Kill Angela After Jonathan to Prevent More Combos

High on Life - Focus on Angela Next

Next, kill Angela when Bro-Tron splits for a second time. Since Angela will be a bit more stationary than Mona, killing him first ensures that Mona will no longer be able to fuse back into Bro-Tron effectively neutering the final boss after 2 cycles.

Use Time Bubble to Slow Down Mona for a Kill

With Mona the last brother standing, bring out Sweezy again and use the Time Bubble to slow down Mona's erratic movement. Pump the last brother full of lead to officially defeat Bro-Tron and the Skrendel Brothers.

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