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List of All Weapon Mods and How to Get

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High on Life - List of All Mods and How to Get
Mods in High on Life are equipable upgrades that modify the look of a Gatlian and the effects of their primary fire or Trick Shot. Read on for a list of all mods in the game and where to find them!

List of All Mods

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Kenny Gus
Sweezy Creature

Kenny Mods

High on Life - Bounceflector Mod Bounceflector Mod Effect
This mod enables Kenny's shots to deflect off enemies.
How to Get
Bought from Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop for 600 Pesos.
High on Life - Multiglob Mod Multiglob Mod Effect
Allows Kenny to fire multiple Glob Shots at once.
How to Get
Bought from Dreg Town Pawn in Port Terrene for 500 Pesos.
High on Life - Magnum Mod Magnum Mod Effect
Turns Kenny's aimed fire into a triple-damage shot at the cost of 3 ammo.
How to Get
Found on top of a cliff with magnetic rocks beside the path to the Moplet Village near the Upper Valley Portal. Getting this Mod requires Mag Boots.

Gus Mods

High on Life - Goopsuck Mod Goopsuck Mod Effect
Allows Gus to suck Goop Armor off G3 enemies.
How to Get
Bought from Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop for 1500 Pesos.
High on Life - Flak Mod Flak Mod Effect
Causes Gus' bullets to explode, improving their area-of-effect damage.
How to Get
Found inside a yellow Luglox near the warp door at the Laboratory Crossroads in Jungle Clearing.
High on Life - Burst Suction Mod Burst Suction Mod Effect
Allows Gus to charge up and pull everything towards you in one big burst.
How to Get
Found inside a yellow Luglox behind one of the billboards above Space Applebee's in the Slums.

Sweezy Mods

High on Life - Remote Detonator Mod Remote Detonator Mod Effect
Allows you to remotely detonate Sweezy's large crystals.
How to Get
Bought from Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop for 1500 Pesos.
High on Life - Summoning Portal Mod Summoning Portal Mod Effect
Turns Sweezy's aimed fire into a portal that shoots out a fully-charged crystal after a short delay.
How to Get
Found in the room past the spinning fan inside the Lower Mine Tunnels in Zephyr Paradise. Getting this Mod requires Sweezy.
High on Life - Bullet Rewind Mod Bullet Rewind Mod Effect
Allows Sweezy to rewind time on shot crystals, sending them back to you and dealing damage along the way.
How to Get
Bought from Furwaggle Farms in Zephyr Paradise for 3000 Pesos.

Creature Mods

High on Life - Heartsap Mod Heartsap Mod Effect
Creature's minion children will return with a gift of extra health after they get a kill.
How to Get
Bought from Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop for 1600 pesos
High on Life - Lamaze Launcher Mod Lamaze Launcher Mod Effect
Allows Creature to shoot 3 of his babies at once on full-charge.
How to Get
Bought inside the Skrendel Cafeteria for 3500 pesos.
High on Life - Neonatal Eruption Mod Neonatal Eruption Mod Effect
Creature's minions explode after death, dealing one last burst of damage to nearby enemies.
How to Get
Found in a yellow Luglox at the top of the slime waterfall on the way to Skrendel Lab.

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3 Anonymousover 1 year

Burst suction mod is found in the slums behind a billboard above Applebees

2 Anonymousover 1 year

Creature mod that shoots 3 babies at once... Go to Zephyr Paradise then Jungle Clearing portal. Take a left towards the 3 acid waterfalls. Make your way to the top then towards the facility. There's a fan right when u get to it to stop with sweezy. Jump in and take a right to their "break room" guy sells it in the back for 3500 (or 3800) can't remember. See more. Reply


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