High on Life

Sweezy Weapon Guide: Upgrades, Mods, and Abilities

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High on Life - Sweezy

Sweezy is a Rapid Fire Pistol-type weapon in the game High On Life. Read on to learn more about this weapon's unique ability, its upgrades and mods, how to get this weapon, and more!

Sweezy Information

Sweezy Overview
High on Life - SweezySweezy
Type Rapid Fire Pistol
How to Get Complete Douglas Bounty
Base Ammo 25
Unique Ability Time Bubble
Used to slow down time around obstacles and fast-moving objects.
Voice Actor Betsy Sodaro
I feel like Sweezy's mad at me so I'm gonna try to only say nice things here. She's smart, strong, her crystals can pierce armor, and she can even slow down time... we're all very impressed with Sweezy. We respect Sweezy very much. She could have saved herself from Douglas if she really wanted to. She's absolutely one of the toughest Gatlians. Do NOT tell her she's not one of the toughest Gatlians.

Related Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Sweezy Like Sunday Morning Obtain Sweezy.
►How to Get Sweezy
Gunning For Your Job Use Sweezy to boss around the Office Moplets.
►Gunning For Your Job Achievement Guide

How to Get Sweezy

Complete Douglas Bounty

How to Get Sweezy

You can get Sweezy when you complete the bounty on Douglas. The earliest you can get her is after the bounty on 9-Torg.

Sweezy Abilities

How to Use Time Bubble

How to Use Time Bubble

Time Bubble allows you to momentarily slow down a fast-moving object. This can either let you safely cross industrial fans or use speeding cars as extra platforms to cross wider gaps.

Rapid Fire Shooting

Rapid Fire Shooting

Contrary to Kenny's single-fire mode, Sweezy is able to rapidly shoot crystals in your opponents. These crystals can also trigger mini explosions causing even more damage if you melee strike an enemy that has been shot by these crystals.

Charged Shot

Charged Shot
Similarly you can also detonate the crystals by following them up with a Charged Shot. These charged shots can also be used to used to shoot enemies through cover.

Sweezy Upgrades & Mods


Upgrade Effect and Price Location
High on Life - Ammo Sac (Sweezy)Ammo Sac (Sweezy) Increases maximum ammo count by 2.
1000 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop
High on Life - ChronoliverChronoliver Allows Sweezy to use Time Bubble more frequently
800 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop
High on Life - Reload Tract (Sweezy)Reload Tract (Sweezy) Improves reload time.
1000 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop
High on Life - Spare CrystalnodeSpare Crystalnode Increases Sweezy's fire rate Outskirts Luglox #16


Upgrade Effect and Price Location
High on Life - Remote Detonator ModRemote Detonator Mod Allows you to remotely detonate Sweezy's large crystals.
1500 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop
High on Life - Summoning Portal ModSummoning Portal Mod Turns Sweezy's aimed fire into a portal that shoots out a fully-charged crystal after a short delay. Upper Valley Luglox #11
High on Life - Bullet Rewind ModBullet Rewind Mod Allows Sweezy to rewind time on shot crystals, sending them back to you and dealing damage along the way.
3000 Pesos
Furwaggle Farms

All Shop Locations

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7 Anonymousover 1 year

on zephyr in the deep jungle there is a reverse bullet mod for skweezy being sold by the teddy bear people by dr giblets base

6 Anonymousover 1 year

Thank you! I thought I was going crazy because I KNEW i bought things that didn’t seem to be working. I had little direction and no idea until I read this.


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