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List of All Boss Fights

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High on Life Top - List of Bosses

In High on Life, you'll go up against members of the G3 Cartel, some of the crassest, rudest bosses you've ever met. Read on to see a list of all bosses in the game and tips and guides for how to beat them!

List of Bosses

Boss Location
High on Life - 9-Torg9-Torg ・Blim City, Nova Sanctus
High on Life - KrubisKrubis ・ Zephyr Paradise
High on Life - DouglasDouglas ・Port Terrene
High on Life - Skrendel BrothersSkrendel Bros ・Zephyr Paradise
Dr GibletsDr. Giblets ・Deep Jungle, Zephyr Paradise
NipulonNipulon ・Port Terrene
GarmantuousGarmantuous ・Earth


High on Life - 9-Torg Bounty Contract

As the first boss, 9-Torg shouldn't give you too much trouble. Use the crates for cover and fire shots with Kenny, making use of his Glob Shot ability to send her flying. Follow this strategy and you'll have her finished in no time - just be sure to make use of Knifey's Tether ability to avoid the rising toxic sludge!

How to Beat 9-Torg


High on Life - Krubis Bounty Contract
When he's not hiding in his office during the fight, Krubis is pretty hard to keep track of. Completing the Douglas bounty first will give you access to Sweezy and her Time Bubble ability, which will allow you to put the pause on Krubis and give him the hurtin' he deserves.

How to Beat Krubis


High on Life - Douglas Bounty Contract
The tricky part of fighting Douglas is less dealing with the backstabber and more avoiding the electric floor. Focus on staying alive by using Knifey's Tether ability and blast Douglas when the floor is safe.

How to Beat Douglas

Skrendel Bros (Bro-Tron)

High on Life - Skrendel Bros Bounty Contract
Surviving the gauntlet of the Skrendel Bros in their individual forms is all about memorizing their attack patterns in preparation for the big fight when they gang up to take you on.

While the sheer number of attacks they throw at you can seem intimidating at first, each move has a proper response that will allow you to survive this fight mostly unscathed.

How to Beat the Skrendel Brothers

Dr. Giblets

High on Life - Dr Giblets Bounty Contract

Perhaps the hardest boss fight in the game. Seriously hard. Like, even if you read every step of our guide, you probably won't beat Dr. Giblets unless you get extremely lucky. Yeah, you'll need luck on your side for this one.

How to Beat Dr. Giblets


High on Life - Nipulon Bounty Contract
The Nipulon boss fight is quite the trip - literally. In an ode to Metal Gear Solid's Psycho Mantis fight, Nipulon will try to mess with your head any way he can. During his clone attack, try to keep your eye on the orange Nipulon - he's the real one.

How to Beat Nipulon


High on Life - Garmantuous Bounty Contract
The biggest and baddest of them all, Garmantuous lives up to his name as the leader of the G3. This fight is all about dodging his waves of attacks as come at you relentlessly. Make use of the Dodge Module to avoid getting hit at the last second and sneak in shots between his attacks.

His attacks spread out the farther you are from him, so give him some space to have an easier time squeezing between the shots. Use Lezduit or Kenny to chip away at his health and you'll eventually get the better of him.

How to Beat Garmantuous

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