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How to Beat Nipulon and Bounty Walkthrough

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High on Life - Nipulon Bounty Walkthrough

Nipulon is a Bounty target during the main story of High on Life. Read on for a complete Nipulon bounty walkthrough including info on how to unlock the contract, all unlockable achievements, all rewards for completion, and tips for beating Nipulon during the bounty boss battle.

Nipulon Bounty Overview

Bounty Target Info

G3 Chief of Customer Liaisons
Bounty Description He's Garmantuous' second-in-command, and one of the most-feared members of the G3. He heads up a decadent illegal drug lounge on Port Terrene where high-end criminal clientele can come and get high off any alien they please.
Location Port Terrene
Rewards 2500 Pesos
How to Unlock Complete the Skrendel Bros and Dr. Giblets Contracts.

Unlockable Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood Pay your bill at Applebee's. 20
Spent 15 Hours At The Alien Strip Club Spend 15 hours at the very real in-game alien strip club. 20
Self-Actualization Defeat Nipulon. 45

List of Achievements and Trophies Guide

Nipulon Bounty Walkthrough

Bounty Objectives

Nipulon Bounty Walkthrough
1 Escape the Blim City Invasion
2 Accept the Contract for Nipulon
3 Speak to the Gatlians at the Saloon (Optional)
4 Find the Flower to Cure the Goop Monster
5 Get Gooped and Enter Nipulon's HQ
6 Fight Your Way to the Top of the Tower
7 Wait for Nipulon to Call You Into His Office
8 Kill Nipulon and Get Earth's Coordinates
9 Turn In Nipulon's DNA to Complete the Bounty

Escape the Blim City Invasion

High on Life - Survive the Blim City Invasion

After you successfully take out both the Skrendel Brothers and Dr. Giblets, Blim City will be invaded by the G3 Cartel after seeing Gene's bounty hunter ads. Find Lizzie, return to the house, and escape Blim City before the G3 Cartel blows you up.

Don't Forget to Pay for Your Meal At Applebee's

High on Life - Pay the Applebee

During this segment of the story, Kenny will tell you more about his past over dinner at Applebee's. Make sure to pay for your meal by interacting with the receipt before you leave to get the Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood achievement.

Accept the Contract for Nipulon

High on Life - Accept the Nipulon Bounty

Once you reach safe haven, Gene will have a new contract for you. Accept the bounty contract for Nipulon at the Bounty 5000 and teleport to Port Terrene to confront Garmantuous' right hand man.

Speak to the Gatlians at the Saloon (Optional)

High on Life - Speak to the Gatlians at the Saloon

This step is optional. If you want to get started on having the Gatlians reconcile their differences, you can first head over to the Saloon in Old Town and have a talk with them there.

Find the Flower to Cure the Goop Monster

High on Life - Get the Medicinal Flower

Unfortunately, the Goop Monster which goops you is sick. In order to secure a disguise to infiltrate Nipulon's HQ you will first need cure the Goop Monster. Obtain the Medicinal Flower that Goop Guy asks you to get to cure the Goop Monster.

Shoot All the Mackincheese Aliens For a Quick Resolution

High on Life - Just Kill the Mackincheese Family

If you want a quick resolution to the build-a-bridge segment, simply shoot the Mackincheese Brothers and Papa Mackincheese. You can then lie to the brothers and tell them that their father loves them in order to get the bridge up in an instant.

Get Gooped and Enter Nipulon's HQ

High on Life - Follow the Butler

With the Goop Monster cured, get gooped and infiltrate Nipulon's HQ. Simply follow the butler through the drug den until you reach your own private booth within the bowels of the building.

Fight Your Way to the Top of the Tower

Put an end to the drug den by killing everyone inside. Deal with all the G3 security and fight your way to the top of the tower. The largest room will have multiple enemy spawns, so it is recommended that you play a bit more defensive during this segment and use the debris to take cover while shooting.

Rescue the Caged Humans and Send Them to The Human Haven

High on Life - Save the Humans

Throughout this level will be a bunch of caged humans left behind after you lay waste to the tower. Send them back to the Human Haven via warp portal to get them to safety.

Wait for Nipulon to Call You Into His Office

High on Life - Wait for Nipulon to Meet You

Once you reach the top, the receptionist will have you wait for a bit. Take a seat and listen to your Gatlians chatter while Nipulon prepares for your meeting.

Kill Nipulon and Get Earth's Coordinates

High on Life - Kill Nipulon

Once inside the office, just start shooting to start the boss battle. Try not to lose too much shield charge here since there will be barely any drops once the drug-induced dream sequence of the fight begins. Defeat Nipulon to get both his DNA sample and the exact coordinates of Earth.

How to Get the Strip Club Achievement

At some point during the boss fight, Nipulon will tell you that he has a plan to embarass you (the player) in front of your friends. So, during the fight, he will give you the Spent 15 Hours At The Alien Strip Club so that your gaming buddies will think you actually spent the time in the game's alien strip club.

Turn In Nipulon's DNA to Complete the Bounty

High on Life - Turn in the Nipulon Bounty

With the coordinates secure, return to the reception area and take the warp portal back to your house. Turn in Nipulon's DNA sample at the Bounty 5000 to receive your reward and complete the bounty.

How to Beat Nipulon

Nipulon Boss Fight Tips

Always Shoot the Orange Clone

During your drug high, Nipulon will start multiplying into clones, making fighting him more difficult. To quickly deal with these multi-Nipulon stages of the boss battle, always look for and shoot the orange clone.

Do not waste time on the decoys since this will only prolong the fight. With no durashield pickups and constant damage preventing your HP from regenerating, the best course of action will always be to focus down the orange clone.

Tell Gene the You're Still Doing Good Despite Being a Bounty Hunter

The first dilemma you have to face will be a hallucination of Gene telling you that bounty hunting will only have you end up like him - washed up and a waste of space. To continue the boss fight, answer Gene by telling him that all that matters is that something good came out of your actions.

Tell Lizzie You're Selfish

The next confrontation will be with a hallucination of Lizzie. While she will mock you about playing around as an alien killer, stick to your guns and say you are selfish and like playing the hero to quickly finish this segment.

Retrieve All Your Gatlians

High on Life - Pick Up Your Gatlians

The final dream sequence will have you lose your guns. Find each of them in the different sections of area to continue the boss battle.

Gatlian Location
Kenny Applebee's Table
Gus Beneath a Yellow Drill
Sweezy On a Table Next to a Truck
Creature On an Operating Table

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