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Kenny Weapon Guide: Upgrades, Mods, and Abilities

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High on Life Kenny Weapon Guide
Kenny is a Pistol-type weapon in the game High On Life. Read on to learn more about this weapon's unique ability, its upgrades and mods, how to get this weapon, and more!

Kenny Information

Kenny Overview
High on Life - KennyKenny
Type Pistol
How to Get Gained during G3 Cartel Invasion
Base Ammo 15
Unique Ability Glob Shot
Used to move panels and obstacles to create new paths.
Voice Actor Justin Roiland
This is Kenny, a Gatlian! You know him. He belongs to a race of living weapons that resemble talking guns. You rescued him from the G3 cartel when they invaded your home planet. But come on, you know all this, right? I don't need to remind you. You know this. You should stop reading this.

Related Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
We're All Very Impressed, Trust Me Juggle an enemy in the air with at least 5 shots.
►How to Juggle Enemies

How to Get Kenny

Gained During G3 Cartel Invasion

High on Life How to Get Kenny
Kenny is the default weapon of the game. During the G3 Cartel Invasion on Earth, Kenny can be found from under a dead alien in the beginning of the story.

Kenny Abilities

How to Use Glob Shot

High on Life Glob Shot Travel

Glob Shot lets you fire slimy globs at your opponents, which launches them into the air when hit. While airborne, your enemies receive additional damage from your regular shots.

Glob Shot Travel

High on Life How to use Glob Shot

Glob Shot helps you access certain areas by firing at vertical platforms to position them horizontally. Just be sure to aim at the slimy areas on the platform to move them.

You can also use this ability to launch yourself into the air by standing on a platform while shooting it on the other end.

How to Juggle Enemies

Hit a Glob Shot and Shoot Foes Midair

You can juggle enemies by landing Kenny's Glob Shot on them and shooting them as they stay in the air. Juggled enemies can't act in the air and are more susceptible to damage.

Juggle an Enemy with Five Shots to Get an Achievement

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
We're All Very Impressed, Trust Me Juggle an enemy in the air with at least 5 shots.
► How to Juggle Enemies

In addition, juggling a foe midair with at least 5 gun shots will give you the We're All Very Impressed, Trust Me achievement.

List of Achievements and Trophies Guide

Kenny Upgrades & Mods


Upgrade Effect and Price Location
High on Life - Ammo Sac (Kenny)Ammo Sac (Kenny) Increases maximum ammo count by 2.
800 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop or Valley Shop
High on Life - Glob KidneyGlob Kidney Reduces Glob Shot cooldown time.
500 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop or Moplet Mine Shop
High on Life - Reload Tract (Kenny)Reload Tract (Kenny) Improves reload time.
1000 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop
High on Life - Muscle ImplantMuscle Implant Improves the damage output of Kenny's primary shots.
1500 Pesos
Dreg Town Pawn


Upgrade Effect and Price Location
High on Life - Bounceflector ModBounceflector Mod This mod enables Kenny's shots to deflect off enemies.
600 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop
High on Life - Multiglob ModMultiglob Mod Allows Kenny to fire multiple Glob Shots at once.
500 Pesos
Dreg Town Pawn
High on Life - Magnum ModMagnum Mod Turns Kenny's aimed fire into a triple-damage shot at the cost of 3 ammo. Upper Valley Luglox #1

All Shop Locations

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8 Anonymousover 1 year

you go behind the portal and there is a cliff if you look up, it's there

7 Anonymousover 1 year

okay I found it, you will need the magnetic shoes, but it’s right by the upper valley portal on the cliff near the highway people


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