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Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

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High on Life - Tips and Tricks
Get a handle on the game's alien world with our beginner's guide to High on Life. Read on to learn the basics of the game, as well as other advanced tips and tricks to help you take down the alien drug cartel!

High on Life Beginner's Guide

Best Tips for Beginners

Tweak Your Settings

High on Life - Controller Layout.png

Using the best settings can drastically improve your gameplay experience in High on Life. Check out our guide below for the best settings to use on your journey to take down Garmantuous and his gang!

Controls and Best Settings

Adjust Game Difficulty

High on Life - Change Difficulties in the Settings Menu
If the game's foreign worlds and alien foes provide too much or not enough of a challenge, remember that you can always adjust the game's difficulty to fit your preferences.

Difficulty Settings Guide

Use Your Entire Arsenal

High on Life - Use Your Entire Arsenal
High on Life features a multitude of guns with varying effects, strengths, and weaknesses. Avoid sticking to a single weapon and play around to find the gun that best fits the situation you find yourself in!

How to Get All Gatlians:
Guns and Weapons Guide

Every Gun Has Unlimited Ammo

High on Life - Every Gun Has Unlimited Ammo
In addition, every gun you collect in the game has unlimited ammo. With this in mind, don't hesitate to dish out full firepower when taking down bosses and hordes of enemies!

How to Get All Gatlians: Guns and Weapons Guide

Find Your Way With the Info Scanner

High on Life - Find Your Way With the Info Scanner
If you ever get lost during a Bounty, you can always find the way to current objective by using the Info Scanner to reveal the next waypoint.

Kill Enemies for Health and Shields

High on Life - Kill Enemies for Health and Shields
You can replenish your health by taking down enemies and recharge your shields by picking up the yellow boxes that foes drop on death.

Deflect Attacks With Knifey

Remember that you can use Knifey to deflect certain enemy attacks, dealing significant damage and potentially staggering bosses with the reflected projectile.

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i am stuck on the krubis bounty it says i have to dash but it wont let me i keep pressing B mid air but it doesnt work

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B while in midair


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