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Is It Worth It? High On Life Review

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High on Life - High on Life Review
This is our full review of High on Life, based on its story, gameplay, and other features. Read on for our thoughts and overall rating after playing through the game, and if it is worth buying!

High on Life Rating and Review Score

Overall Rating
46/ 60
Story Graphics Gameplay Mechanics
8/10 8/10 8/10
World and Atmosphere Game Length Quality of Life
9/10 6/10 7/10

Overall Our total rating of the game. The scores available range from 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
Story A rating based on the game's plot, characters, and the overall consistency, pacing, and depth of the story.
Graphics Rating the graphic quality of the game's character models, environments, and user interface.
Gameplay Mechanics A rating of the game's combat system and other gameplay mechanics.
World and Atmosphere Rating the game's world, sound design, and the overall atmosphere it provides
Game Length A rating based on how much content the game has to offer, including post-game content and replayability.
Quality of Life Rates the game's different quality of life features, including load times, accessibility options, controls, and ease-of-use.

Who Should Play High on Life?

High on Life - Who Should Play High on Life?
Check Icon Fans of the first-person shooter genre who want something different

Check Icon Fans of Justin Roiland and his previous television shows and games

Check Icon Gamers who enjoy cartoonish graphics, low-brow comedy, and whimsical settings

Check Icon Completionists who like to explore every nook and cranny

High on Life Full Review

Pros of High on Life


Playful Story and Setting

High on Life - Playful Story and Setting
High on Life's playful and comedic story and setting are some of the game's biggest strengths. Its great cast of characters, colorful alien worlds, and numerous hilarious moments keep players fully invested as they go through the game.

All Bounties and Missions:
Story Walkthrough

Enjoyable Movement and Gunplay

The game also offers a surprisingly fun and robust gameplay experience with the numerous Gatlians, Mods, and movement options you obtain throughout the story.

Juggling enemies with Kenny's Glob Shot, powersliding with the Slide Bash, and swinging through Hookbugs with Knifey's Tether all make completing bounties and exploring each world incredibly fun.

How to Get All Gatlians:
Guns and Weapons Guide

Varied Enemy Types

High on Life - Merk and Grunt Enemies
High on Life also features a wide variety of alien enemies for you to face while bounty hunting.

From the G3 Cartel's plethora of Grunts and Merks to hostile wildlife like the Mytes and Greebles, there are plenty of foes with varying strengths and weaknesses for you to gun down.

All Enemy Types

Numerous Collectibles

High on Life - Deep Jungle Luglox Collectible

High on Life also heavily rewards exploration with the numerous collectibles hidden throughout each world. With the game having a whopping 222 Luglox Chests and 27 Trading Cards, completionists are sure to have a great time searching for them and being rewarded with Pesos, Mods, Upgrades, and other items.

All Luglox Loot Chest Locations

Amazing Alien Worlds

High on Life - Zephyr Paradise Environment
The game's varied and atmospheric alien worlds it offers for players to explore are also some of the game's strongest points.

Places like Blim City's cyberpunk-styled streets and Zephyr Paradise's lush jungles are wildly different, but they are both well-designed and feel perfectly in place in High on Life's world.

Cons of High on Life


Lack of FOV Slider

High on Life - Video Settings Screen
While High on Life has a decent spread of video settings, it does not have an FOV slider. Being locked out of changing to one's preferred camera field of vision may be a deal-breaker for some players.

Is There an FOV Slider?

No Manual Save System

High on Life - Pause Screen Without Save Button
High on Life also fully relies on a checkpoint system without manual saving. This system has, unfortunately, caused bugs in the past and prevents saving at specific moments in the game, which can be frustrating for many players.

How to Save: Is There Manual Save?

Relatively Short Game Length

High on Life - Using Lezduit against Garmantuous (Final Boss)
The game is also relatively short, with an estimated average playtime of only 10-12 hours on Normal Mode difficulty without looking for much of the game's collectibles. This short length, alongside the game's price tag, can put off some prospective buyers.

Game Length: How Long to Beat

Low Replayability

High on Life - Luglox Family from Quiet Cottage Warp Disc
High on Life also does not feature a lot of replayability. Since it lacks New Game Plus, players can only look towards achievements and collectibles, replaying the game to pick other dialogue choices, and looking for the game's secret ending to pad out their playtime.

Post Game Guide:
What to Do After Beating High on Life

Is High on Life Worth It?

High on Life Is Worth It

High on Life - High on Life Is Worth It

Despite the game's technical issues and short length, High on Life is still a worthwhile game to buy and play. The game is an enjoyable experience all the way through, with its gunplay, comedic dialogue, and absurd story keeping players entertained the entire time.

High on Life Product Information

High on Life - Product Info Official Cover Art
Price $59.99
Platforms PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One
Genre Shooter, Comedy
Publisher Squanch Games
Official Site High on Life

High on Life Related News

High on Life - News and Game Info

High on Life News & Game Info


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