High on Life

How to Get All Gatlians: Guns and Weapons Guide

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High on Life - How to Get All Gatlians: Guns and Weapons Guide

High On Life is filled with crazy and foul-mouthed guns called Gatlians as well as a talking knife who only cares about stabbing people! Read on to learn more about each Gatlian, their abilities, how to get them, and more!

List of All Guns and Weapons

All Guns and Weapons
KennyKenny KnifeyKnifey GusGus
Sweezy.jpgSweezy CreatureCreature LezduitLezduit


Kenny Overview
High on Life - KennyKenny
Type Pistol
How to Get Gained during G3 Cartel Invasion
Base Ammo 15
Unique Ability Glob Shot
Used to move panels and obstacles to create new paths.
Voice Actor Justin Roiland
This is Kenny, a Gatlian! You know him. He belongs to a race of living weapons that resemble talking guns. You rescued him from the G3 cartel when they invaded your home planet. But come on, you know all this, right? I don't need to remind you. You know this. You should stop reading this.

Kenny Weapon Guide: Upgrades and Abilities


Knifey Overview
High on Life - KnifeyKnifey
Type Melee
How to Get Obtained During 9-Torg Bounty
Unique Ability Tether
Used to tether to ledges and ziplines for traversal.
Voice Actor Michael Cusack
It's Knifey! He's a talking knife! We don't know much more about him than that. He used to pal around Gene Zaroothian before ending up in the hands of the Torg family. Now he's on your team, thank god. Seriously, he's insane. All he wants to do is kill. He would kill you in a heartbeat if he had any way to do it. And we respect that.

Knifey Weapon Guide: Upgrades and Abilities


Gus Overview
High on Life - GusGus
Type Shotgun
How to Get Complete Krubis Bounty
Base Ammo 3
Unique Ability Disc Shot
Used to create platforms to scale cliffsides
Voice Actor JB Smoove
Everyone loves Gus. He's chill, he's nice. He's a living shotgun with a vacuum built in - all in the standard stuff you want out of a Gatlian. You can rely on him in close-range combat and to suck up bullets heading your way. Oh, and he can launch discs into walls or decapitate enemies with them. That really is a lot of good stuff. Aren't you glad you rescued him from Kubris?

Gus Weapon Guide: Upgrades and Abilities


Sweezy Overview
High on Life - SweezySweezy
Type Rapid Fire Pistol
How to Get Complete Douglas Bounty
Base Ammo 25
Unique Ability Time Bubble
Used to slow down time around obstacles and fast-moving objects.
Voice Actor Betsy Sodaro
I feel like Sweezy's mad at me so I'm gonna try to only say nice things here. She's smart, strong, her crystals can pierce armor, and she can even slow down time... we're all very impressed with Sweezy. We respect Sweezy very much. She could have saved herself from Douglas if she really wanted to. She's absolutely one of the toughest Gatlians. Do NOT tell her she's not one of the toughest Gatlians.

Sweezy Weapon Guide: Upgrades and Abilities


Creature Overview
High on Life - CreatureCreature
Type Projectile Launcher
How to Get Gained during the Skrendel Bros Bounty.
Base Ammo 6
Unique Ability Birth Blast
Used to launch little blue kids to bypass electrical boxes and even mind control enemies.
Voice Actor Tim Robinson
Creature's all fucked up. Maybe he didn't start off all fucked up but the G3 did all sorts of experiments on him and now he's just extremely fucked up in every way. He doesn't even remember who he was back on Gatlus. His brain's all mush at this point. But he can give birth to lots of tiny little helpful guys who die real quick, and that's fun.

Creature Weapon Guide: Upgrades and Abilities


Lezduit Overview
High on Life - LezduitLezduit
Type Multi-Target Arc Laser
How to Get Complete Nipulon Bounty
Base Ammo 100
Unique Ability None
Voice Actor TBA
Lezduit was a famous hero back on Gatlus, and he fought bravely against the G3 when they invaded. Everyone thought he died, especially Kenny. But no! He's still alive! Seems like the G3 was having trouble reviving him but Gene did it somehow after just watching a few videos online. To be fair, he didn't do a great job: Lezduit can only say his own name now. But it IS very encouraging! And he IS very strong.

Lezduit Weapon Guide: Upgrades, Mods, and Abilities

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