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Creature Weapon Guide: Upgrades, Mods, and Abilities

12/16 Update and Patch Notes
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Creature Weapon Guide
Creature is a Projectile Launcher-type weapon in the game High On Life. Read on to learn more about this weapon's unique ability, its upgrades and mods,, how to get this weapon, and more!

Creature Information

Creature Overview
High on Life - CreatureCreature
Type Projectile Launcher
How to Get Gained during the Skrendel Bros Bounty.
Base Ammo 6
Unique Ability Birth Blast
Used to launch little blue kids to bypass electrical boxes and even mind control enemies.
Voice Actor Tim Robinson
Creature's all fucked up. Maybe he didn't start off all fucked up but the G3 did all sorts of experiments on him and now he's just extremely fucked up in every way. He doesn't even remember who he was back on Gatlus. His brain's all mush at this point. But he can give birth to lots of tiny little helpful guys who die real quick, and that's fun.

Related Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Creature Feature Obtain Creature.
► How to Get Creature

How to Get Creature

Gained during the Skrendel Bros Bounty.

How to Get Creature
Enter the First Lab
Enter the First Lab during your bounty of the Skrendel Bros, specifically the Sector A - Hybridization area.
Eliminate Security
Eliminate the security scattered all over the place.
Explore the facility
Proceed to a hallway located at the left side of the wall with the Skrendel Labs logo plastered on its surface.
Continue towards the hallway until you hear the screams of someone being tortured. The screams will be coming from inside the Hybridized Weapons Lab, which is currently locked.
Proceed towards the right side of the Hybridized Weapons Lab, and you will see an entrance with a sign saying 'Jonathan Skrendel's Office above it.

Enter the office and unlock the Hybridized Weapons Lab seal on the control panel.

Find the Experiment Subject
Go back to the Hybridized Weapons Lab and interact with the Gatlian being experimented on.
Once you set Creature free from the torture machine, you will acquire him as a weapon.

How to Beat the Skrendel Brothers and Bounty Walkthrough

Creature Abilities

How to Use Birth Blast

Creature Weapon Guide How to Use Birth Baby 1
Creature can shoot out his.... children to attack enemies. You can fire multiple alien babies at your opponents to unleash heavy infantile damage upon them.

Use Birth Blast to Access Areas

Creature Weapon Guide How to Use Birth Baby 2
Birth Blast can also be used to access areas that can only be reached through a small opening. Simply aim at the entrance of a pipe and watch as the blasted alien infant take the necessary actions to unlock the door from the other side of the room.

Use Birth Blast to Disturb Bugs’ Nests

Creature Weapon Guide How to Use Birth Baby 3
If you are in need of a flying bug for traversal and just happen to find a nearby nest, aim one of Creature's little critters at the hole of the nest so that it could wreak havoc inside. As a result, a flying bug will come flying out of the nest for you to latch onto.

How to Use Hypno Baby

Creature Weapon Guide How to Use Birth Baby 4
Aim a Hypno Baby at an opponent. If successful, your opponent can be controlled through a psychic link emanating from the attached Hypno Baby. To further extend the psychic control of your opponent, fire more alien babies towards a mind-controlled foe.

Creature Upgrades & Mods


Upgrade Effect and Price Location
High on Life - Postpartum PsycheboostPostpartum Psycheboost Boosts psychic connection with Creature's minion.
800 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop
High on Life - Womb ChamberWomb Chamber Creature can keep more kids alive at once.
1200 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop
High on Life - SuperovariesSuperovaries Allows to speed up Creature's birthing process, shortening reload time.
1000 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop


Upgrade Effect and Price Location
High on Life - Heartsap ModHeartsap Mod Creature's minion children will return with a gift of extra health after they get a kill.
1600 Pesos
Mr. Keeps Shop
High on Life - Lamaze Launcher ModLamaze Launcher Mod Allows Creature to shoot 3 of his babies at once on full-charge.
3500 Pesos
Skrendel Cafeteria
High on Life - Neonatal Eruption ModNeonatal Eruption Mod Creature's minions explode after death, dealing one last burst of damage to nearby enemies. Upper Valley Luglox #22

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