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How to Use Warp Discs

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High on Life - How to Use Warp Discs
Warp Discs are collectible items used to explore additional and optional destinations in High on Life. Read on to learn how to use Warp Discs and what achievement collecting all warp discs unlocks.

How to Use Warp Discs

Find Blue Glowing Markers

Blue Marker

As you explore the worlds of High on Life, you will encounter blue glowing markers along the way. Interact with these to use a Warp Disc.

Select a Destination

Warp Disc Menu

After you interact with the blue marker, you will be able to select from a menu of your available Warp Discs. Select a destination and it will be warped in front of you. Each Warp Disc contains a unique destination so try and use them all!

Can Be Reused

Warp Discs purchased from Blorto's Chef Stand will not disappear from your Inventory once used, so you can visit these locations again and again if you choose. Furthermore, Warp Discs are not restricted to a particular blue glowing marker - any of these Warp Discs can be used anywhere!

How to Get Warp Discs

Trade in Warp Crystals at Blorto's

Blorto Stall

Warp Discs can be purchased if you trade in Warp Crystals at Blorto's Chef Stand in Blim City. This shop is located near the entrance to your house and becomes available after completing the Krubis and Douglas bounties.

Warp Crystals can be acquired after beating Warp Bases that appear in some levels.

How to Get Warp Crystals

List of Warp Discs

Warp Disc Price
Warp DiscCutie Town Warp Disc 0 Warp Crystals
Warp DiscMovie Theater Warp Disc 3 Warp Crystals
Warp DiscSkate Park Warp Disc 8 Warp Crystals
Warp DiscTrolley Tracks Warp Disc 5 Warp Crystals
Warp DiscToilet Warp Disc 5 Warp Crystals
Warp DiscQuiet Cottage Warp Disc 10 Warp Crystals

Cutie Town Warp Disc

A miniature town model appears before you and is introduced by an inhabitant floating on a balloon. A simple stroll through town would surely lead to the city's utter destruction.

Movie Theater Warp Disc

A functioning movie theater where you can catch Demon Wind (with some additional commentary from the customers in the front row). Summoning the movie theater will also unlock the We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole Movie Achievement.

Skate Park Warp Disc

This disc unlocks the Trick Daddy Skate Park. While you can't actually skateboard, you can do tricks by spinning, jumping, and swinging from the bees using Knifey's Tethering ability for points. Talk to the teens to start a mini-game where getting a score of 42,069 or higher will get you a Luglox Chest containing 1,000 pesos.

Trolley Tracks Warp Disc

Trolley Tracks presents you with a classic philisophical dilemma: change the course of the train and sacrifice one person (thereby saving several souls on the other track), or do nothing and let the train run its course (killing several victims).

Toilet Warp Disc

Reminiscent of the Dr. Joopy puzzles in the Douglas Bounty, with a disgusting twist. Using Kenny, shoot the pipes and connect them to solve the puzzle and be rewarded with some dialogue.

Quiet Cottage Warp Disc

The welcome mat beckons you: Live, Laugh, Loot. A nice, happy family of Luglox Chests is tucked away in their cottage. You're wondering what kind of loot they contain, aren't you? There's only one way to find out.

Completion Reward

Seeing All The Sights Achievement

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Seeing All The Sights Unlock and explore every collectible warp base.
► How to Unlock All Warp Bases

After collecting all Warp Discs and visiting them all at least once, you will be awarded with the Seeing all the Sights achievement.

List of Achievements and Trophies Guide

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