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How to Beat Garmantuous (Final Boss) and Bounty Walkthrough

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High on Life - Garmantuous Bounty Walkthrough

Garmantuous is a Bounty target and the final boss of High on Life's main story. Read on for a complete bounty walkthrough including info on how to unlock the contract, all unlockable achievements & weapons, all rewards for completion, and tips for beating Garmantuous during the final boss battle.

Garmantuous (Final Boss) Bounty Overview

Bounty Target Info

Head of the G3 Cartel
Bounty Description The notorious ganglord that sits at the very top of the G3 throne. Responsible for the planet-wide genocide and enslavement of countless species. The bounty may be high, but no hunter with a head on their shoulders thinks its worth it.
Location Earth
Rewards 10000 Pesos
How to Unlock Complete Nipulon's Bounty Contract.

Unlockable Weapons

LezduitLezduit Type: Multi-Target Arc Laser
Unique Ability: None
Voice Actor: TBA

Unlockable Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Lezduit! Obtain Lezduit. 20
Series Wrap on Suit-O Say goodbye to Suit-O. 20
Legendary Bounty Hunter Defeat Garmantuous and take down the G3 cartel. 60
Playing Favorites Sacrifice a Gatlian other than Kenny during the fight against Garmantuous. 45

List of Achievements and Trophies Guide

Garmantuous Bounty Walkthrough

Bounty Objectives

Garmantuous Bounty Walkthrough
1 Purchase Upgrades Before Doing the Mission
2 Speak to Gene and Obtain Lezduit
3 Fight Your Way Through Earth
4 Speak to Your Gatlians at a Bench
5 Kill Garmantuous and Save Earth

Purchase Upgrades Before Doing the Mission

High on Life - Buy Upgrades

Before starting the mission, make sure you purchase all the suit or Gatlian upgrades you want since you won't be able to turn back and purchase upgrades once you arrive in Earth. This is a good time to spend all your hard-earned pesos on better upgrades like DuraHealth Tanks and the Slide Bash Unit before the final boss.

All Suit and Weapon Upgrades

Speak to Gene and Obtain Lezduit

High on Life - Talk to Gene When Ready

To begin the final contract, speak to Gene when you are ready. He will hand you Lezduit and a bomb you can use to kill Garmantuous. Once you have the final Gatlian, warp back to Earth and confront the G3 invaders.

Fight Your Way Through Earth

High on Life - Fight Your Way through Earth

To get to Garmantuous, you will first need to fight through the ruins of your old neighborhood. Kill any G3 soldiers that get in your way using the additional firepower brought by Lezduit.

Listen to Suit-O's Goodbye Message

High on Life - Say Goodbye to Suit-O

While making your way to Garmantuous, Suit-O will start saying goodbye for some reason. Once he finished his goodbye message, you will earn the achievement, Series Wrap on Suit-O.

Speak to Your Gatlians at a Bench

High on Life - Speak to the Guns at a Park Bench

Before you can confront Garmantuous, speak to your Gatlians so they can settle their differences. After one final group therapy session at a nearby park bench, proceed forward to challenge the G3 Cartel leader.

Kill Garmantuous and Save Earth

High on Life - Defeat Garmantuous

Once you enter the makeshift arena, you will face off against Garmantuous. Kill him to save earth from the G3 Cartel and get the Legendary Bounty Hunter achievement in the process.

While this boss will have 2 phases, he will be pretty easy to beat compared to some of the other G3 boss fights you dealt with earlier in the game.

Use a Different Gun to Trigger the Bomb

High on Life - Use a Different Gun to Blow Up the Boss

Sometime during the boss fight, you will have to use Kenny to trigger the bomb that kills Garmantuous. If you want to earn one of the game's hidden achievements, select a different Gatlian to trigger the bomb to get the Playing Favorites achievement.

Which Gatlian to Sacrifice?:
Playing Favorites Achievement Guide

How to Beat Garmantuous (Final Boss)

Garmantuous Boss Fight Tips

Use the Dodge Module to Sidestep the Shots

Despite the absolute bullet hell that Garmantuous unleashes, his shots are relatively easy to dodge. With the large spread and predictable trajectories, simply focus on dodging left or right while shooting and you should be able to outlast this boss even when using only Kenny.

Hug the Edges of the Arena for Easier Dodging

High on Life - Stay Far Away from Garmantuous

To ensure that some of the shots spread out wide and leave gaps for you to dodge through, hug the edges of the arena. This will make dodging easier while also keeping the Durashield Pickups at arm's length should you need a quick top up.

Use Kenny or Lezduit to Deal Damage

High on Life - Using Lezduit Against Garmantuous
Garmantuous is a pushover, deploying boss fight mechanics that are easy to dodge or tank. To beat him, simply use Kenny or Lezduit to whittle away at his HP while he shoots at you. Both his phases will be easy since he presents a very large target for you to shoot at.

Save the Durashield Pickups Until You Hit Low HP

High on Life - Pick up Durashield Packs

There will be a few Durashield Pickups for you at the edges of the arena. Save these for when you hit Low HP so that you can give your HP time to recover.

Enter the Fight with the Slide Bash Unit for Quick Repositions

The Slide Bash upgrade is one of the best suit upgrades you can get since it allows for quick repositions (even faster than the Jetpack). Cruise around the arena if you need to dodge his attacks while letting your HP recover.

Jump or Jetpack Over the Sludge Waves (2nd Phase)

High on Life - Dodge the Sludge Waves

Garmantuous' 2nd Phase is pretty much the same as Jonathan Skrendel. He jumps up and hits the ground, generating waves to toxic sludge that you will have to jump or Jetpack over in order to dodge.

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