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Where to Find Dr. Giblets and Bounty Walkthrough

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High on Life - Dr Giblets Bounty Walkthrough

Dr. Giblets is a Bounty target during the main story of High on Life. Read on for a complete Dr. Giblets bounty walkthrough including info on how to unlock the contract, all unlockable achievements & weapons, all rewards for completion, as well as where to find Dr. Giblets and investigate his base.

Dr. Giblets Bounty Overview

Bounty Target Info

Dr. Giblets
Dr. Giblets
G3 Head of Research and Development
Bounty Description Responsible for developing warp base technology, he's possibly the brightest mind amongst the G3's ranks. However, he's a bit of a hermit so he generally remains off the grid, rarely leaving his own warp base laboratory.
Location Deep Jungle, Zephyr Paradise
Rewards 2000 Pesos
How to Unlock Complete both Douglas' and Krubis' Bounty Contracts.

Unlockable Weapons

Busted GatlianBusted Gatlian
The G3 was barely keeping this Gatlian on life support. He seems important, but he's in awful shape. Not even conscious. Maybe Gene can fix him? If not, oh well. Maybe just toss him in the trash.

Unlockable Achievements

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
RIP Davey Glutes Obtain the Mag-boots. 20
Hardest Battle In The Game Defeat Dr. Giblets. 45

List of Achievements and Trophies Guide

Dr. Giblets Bounty Walkthrough

Bounty Objectives

Dr. Giblets Bounty Walkthrough
1 Accept the Bounty Contract for Dr. Giblets
2 Ask Around Blim City for Dr. Giblets' Whereabouts
3 Make Your Way to High On Life
4 Grill the Store Employess
5 Retrieve the Mag Boots and Head Back Home
6 Speak to the Suits and Magistrate Clugg
7 Track Down Dr. Giblets in Zephyr Paradise
8 Investigate Dr. Giblets' Base
9 Meet Dr. Giblets and Survive His Trap
10 Collect Lezduit and Go Home to Turn In the Bounty

Accept the Bounty Contract for Dr. Giblets

High on Life - Accept Giblets Bounty

After forming an alliance with Magistrate Clugg and obtaining the Jetpack, you will gain access to new bounties, one of which is the Dr. Giblets contract. Accept the contract at the Bounty 5000 to begin your investigation into the mysterious scientist.

Ask Around Blim City for Dr. Giblets' Whereabouts

High on Life -  Ask Around About Dr Giblets

Hit the streets and start asking the locals if they've seen Dr. Giblets or if they know where he is. If you are in a hurry, simply look for an alien named Michael Taint who will direct you to Blorto. The chef will tell you about a hot new store called High on Life in the Slums.

Note: Michael Taint appears in different colors for each playthrough making him difficult to spot without talking to anyone else. Simply ask around until you find him as he is the one that can provide useful info for your investigation.

Reload Checkpoint if Objective is Bugged

High on Life - Reload a Prior Checkpoint

If your objective in this section bugs out and prevents you from progressing the bounty, you can reload a previous checkpoint using the Last Checkpoint button in the Pause screen to fix the issue.

Make Your Way to High On Life

High on Life - Go to High on Life

Go down to the Blim City Slums to find High on Life (the new store should be in previously inaccessible area with an Applebee's). Defeat the mixed group of G3 Grunts and Ant Goons that now guard the slums on behalf of the G3 Cartel.

Grill the Store Employess

High on Life - Grill the Employees

Once inside the new High on Life store, start grilling the employees about Dr. Giblets' last known location. Feel free to ask them any of the presented questions until you are confronted and threatened by third party investigators.

Retrieve the Mag Boots and Head Back Home

High on Life - Get the Mag Boots

With the investigation going nowhere, return home to regroup. Grab the Mag Boots off of poor Davey Glutes and use it to unlock a new traversal option as you make your way home.

How to Get Mag-Boots:
RIP Davey Glutes Achievement Guide

Speak to the Suits and Magistrate Clugg

High on Life - Speak to the Suits and Magistrate Clugg

Back at home, you'll encounter the third party investigators that confronted you earlier. They are the children of Magistrate Clugg. Follow them to Clugg's office so that the mayor can hand you the location of Dr. Giblets (off the record, supposedly).

Track Down Dr. Giblets in Zephyr Paradise

High on Life - Find Dr Giblet

Use the Bounty 5000 to warp to the Deep Jungle area of Zephyr Paradise. From here, follow your Info Scanner's waypoints to reach Dr. Giblets warp base.

Investigate Dr. Giblets' Base

High on Life - Investigate the Base

After finding the remains of a bloodbath in the now abandoned base, boot up the suit's investigation mode and start scanning points of interest to piece together what happened in the base.

Meet Dr. Giblets and Survive His Trap

High on Life - Survive the Trap

Eventually, you will be led to Dr. Giblets atop his base. He will already be in his death throes so all you really have to do is harvest his DNA. Upon collecting his DNA, you will be shunted down into an arena trap. Fight for your survival until Dr. Giblets releases you.

Always Go for Elevated Platforms

High on Life - Go For Height

The key to victory in this rather lengthy cage match is to always take the height advantage over your opponents. Once the central platform starts rising during the latter stages of the fight, make sure to always secure it as it gives you ample cover and a commanding view of the arena.

Collect Lezduit Before Going Home to Turn In the Bounty

High on Life - Get Lezduit and Complete the Bounty

After surviving Dr. Giblet's death trap, head back inside his base and collect the mangled remains of Lezduit. Once you have Busted Gatlian, simply look for a warp point that you can use and return to Blim City. Turn in Dr. Giblet's Giblets at the Bounty 5000 to receive a reward for your troubles.

How to Beat Dr. Giblets

Dr. Giblets' Death is Scripted

Unlike many of your bounty targets so far, Dr. Giblets is a unique encounter because there will be no boss battle to fight. Instead, greeting him while he works will cause an accident that has him bleed out before any boss battle can really begin. For your troubles, you will be rewarded with the Hardest Battle In The Game achievement.

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