High on Life

What Happens if You Kill 5-Torg?

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High on Life - What Happens if You Kill 5-Torg
Killing 5-Torg after taking down 9-Torg does not have any consequences in High on Life. Read on to find out where to find 5-Torg and what happens if you kill her in this secret boss fight.

What Happens if You Kill 5-Torg?

No Story Consequences

High on Life - 5-Torg Taking Damage With Boss Health Bar
Despite having a boss health bar appear above the screen after you damage her, killing 5-Torg has no consequences on High on Life's story.

Comedic Quips Occur As You Kill Her

High on Life - Kenny Quip After 5-Torg Death
However, you can hear a few comedic lines and quips from both 5-Torg and Kenny while you kill her and after she dies, which may be enough incentive for some players to eliminate the helpless Torg.

Where to Find 5-Torg

Inside 9-Torg's Boss Arena

High on Life - 5-Torg Talking Inside 9-Torg
You can find 5-Torg bound in rope and dangling above 9-Torg's boss arena. After you take down 9-Torg and retrieve the DNA from her corpse, 5-Torg lowers down from the ceiling enough for you to talk to or kill her.

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