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Lezduit Weapon Guide: Upgrades, Mods, and Abilities

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High on Life - How to Get Lezduit

Lezduit is a Multi-Target Arc Laser-type weapon in the game High On Life. Read on to learn more about this weapon's unique ability, its upgrades and mods,, how to get this weapon, and more!

Lezduit Information

Lezduit Overview
High on Life - LezduitLezduit
Type Multi-Target Arc Laser
How to Get Complete Nipulon Bounty
Base Ammo 100
Unique Ability None
Voice Actor TBA
Lezduit was a famous hero back on Gatlus, and he fought bravely against the G3 when they invaded. Everyone thought he died, especially Kenny. But no! He's still alive! Seems like the G3 was having trouble reviving him but Gene did it somehow after just watching a few videos online. To be fair, he didn't do a great job: Lezduit can only say his own name now. But it IS very encouraging! And he IS very strong.

Related Achievement

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Lezduit! Obtain Lezduit.
► How to Get Lezduit

How to Get Lezduit

Complete the Nipulon Bounty

To get Lezduit, players will need to defeat Nipulon and unlock Garmantuous bounty. Once you're at this stage of the game, simply speak to Gene and tell him you're ready to kill the G3 Cartel boss. This will then allow you to pick up and equip the now repaired Lezduit from the couch.

How to Beat Nipulon and Bounty Walkthrough

Lezduit is a Temporary Weapon

Lezduit is only available during the final mission. You will not be able to use him outside of it when you continue your post game save.

Lezduit Abilities

Has No Special Ability

High on Life - Lezduit in Action

Unlike the other Gatlians, the pieced together remains of Lezduit will not come with a special ability. During the final mission, all you can do with him is point, target-lock, and shoot.

Lezduit Upgrades & Mods

No Mods and Upgrades for Lezduit

Since Lezduit is a temporary weapon, players will not be able to purchase or equip mods or upgrades for him. Once you defeat Garmantuous and arrive back at your house, Lezduit will no longer be in your inventory.

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