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How to Farm Pesos: Money Farming Guide

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In High on Life, you will need plenty of Pesos to upgrade your arsenal and efficiently take down the G3 Cartel. Read on to learn how to farm money and where you can spend your Pesos!

How to Farm Pesos

High on Life Money Farming Tips

Complete Bounties

High on Life - Completed Nipulon Bounty with Reward
One of the best sources of Pesos in High on Life is completing Bounties from the Bounty 5000. Taking these G3 members and leaders down as you progress through the story rewards you with tons of Pesos.

All Bounties and Missions: Story Walkthrough

Open Luglox Chests

High on Life - Luglox Chest

While you're out completing bounties, try to explore each world as much as you can to find and open Luglox Chests. These chests offer plenty of Pesos alongside Warp Crystals, Mods, Upgrades, and rare collectible Trading Cards.

Luglox Chests are usually found off the beaten path and are often cleverly hidden, so use your Info Scanner as much as you can to find these valuable collectibles.

All Luglox Loot Chest Locations

Finish Hunter Forum Posts

High on Life - Finish Hunter Forum Posts
Completing the challenges that unlock Hunter Forum posts also provides a sizable reward of Pesos, so you can look to them if you're getting a little low on money.

How to Unlock All Bounty Hunter Forum Posts

Do the Zephyr Paradise Warp Crystal Loop

High on Life - Zephyr Paradise Loop - Warp Base Fight
In this farming method on Zephyr Paradise, you gain access to a consistent way of obtaining Warp Crystals, which you use to buy Warp Discs, as well as plenty of respawning enemies that drop Pesos on death.

Check out our guide below to learn more and earn plenty of Warp Crystals and cash!

Warp Crystals Guide:
How to Farm and Where to Spend

Defeat Enemies

High on Life - Difficulty Affects Enemy Health and Damage

Try to defeat every enemy you come across, as all of them have a chance of dropping Pesos on death. Each of your Gatlians has infinite ammo, so feel free to eliminate every G3 member and hostile alien you find!

Revisit Other Worlds

High on Life - Portals

As you progress through the story, you will obtain new Gatlians and suit upgrades that will give you access to previously closed-off paths.

For example, Gus' Hot Disc lets you create platforms on hotwalls, Sweezy's Time Bubble lets you move past spinning fans, and the Mag-Boots let you walk along magnetized walls.

After obtaining these new movement abilities, backtrack along previously visited worlds to discover new areas and Lugloxes that are sure to reward you with a lot of Pesos.

Where to Spend Pesos

Buy Items and Upgrades at Shops

High on Life - Mr. Keeps and Son In-Game Location
You can spend Pesos to buy Mods, Upgrades, and other items at Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop in Blim City and the other smaller shops littered around the game. Check out our guide below for a list of all shop locations and the items they offer!

All Shop Locations

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