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Game Length: How Long to Beat

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High on Life - Game Length: How Long to Beat

Completing the main story of High on Life will take about 10-12 hours to complete on Normal Difficulty. Read on to learn more about the game's length including how long to beat the main story and how long it to complete the game with all the side content.

Game Length

Content Time Required
Story Normal Hunter
Main Story 6-8 hours 10-12 hours 13-14 hours
Completionist Run ~12 hours ~15-16 hours ~18 hours
Speedrun ~4-5 hours ~7-8 hours ~10-12 hours

10–12 Hours to Complete Main Story

It will take an estimated 10-12 hours to breeze through the main story without considering getting all the trophies and upgrading your bounty suit and your weapons to their maximum limit. This would also mean that you will not interact with most of the eccentric characters in the game.

15-16 Hours for a Completionist Run

However, if you want to explore every nook and cranny, discover every Luglox crate, upgrade all your weapons to the point of absurdity, and buy out everything in every shop, it will take you double the time expected as more areas will be unlocked as you get more weapons with different traversal mechanics.

Less than 10 Hours For A Speedrun

For players who wish to speedrun an entire playthrough, the length it would take to perform a speedrun will be dependent on the difficulty you choose. While cutscenes will stil be unskippable, the bulk of the speedrun will depend entirely on how quickly you can deal with enemies if you don't factor in a bit of money farming.

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Any estimates on how long to beat it on a speed run?


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