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Which Gatlian to Sacrifice?: Playing Favorites Achievement Guide

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High on Life - Which Gatlian to Sacrifice
In High on Life, sacrificing any Gatlian other than Kenny during the Garmantuous fight unlocks the Playing Favorites achievement. Read on to find out which Gatlian to sacrifice and if it affects the ending!

Which Gatlian to Sacrifice?

Choose Kenny for Story Purposes

High on Life - Sacrifice Kenny for Story Purposes
For those who want to follow the story, you can choose to shove Kenny into Garmantuous and fulfill his wish of sacrificing himself to save you and the other Gatlians.

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Choose Other Gatlians for Playing Favorites

High on Life - Sacrifice Other Gatlians for Playing Favorites

Achievement How to Unlock Gamer Score
Playing Favorites Sacrifice a Gatlian other than Kenny during the fight against Garmantuous.
► Which Gatlian to Sacrifice?

For those who want to get the Playing Favorites achievement, you should instead pick any Gatlian aside from Kenny to shove inside Garmantuous. You will get the achievement immediately after Garmantuous blows up.

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Does It Affect the Ending?

Choice Does Not Affect the Ending

High on Life - Choice Does Not Affect the Ending
Sacrificing Kenny or any other Gatlian does not affect the ending of the game, as all of them will survive the explosion from detonating the atomizer bomb inside Garmantuous.

Dialogue Changes Depending on Gatlian

High on Life - Dialogue Changes Depending on Gatlian
However, each Gatlian does have its own comedic quips and dialogue if you pull them out before sacrificing a Gatlian and while you shove them into Garmantuous, which may be enough incentive for some players to replay the game to hear.

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