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How to Get Remote Detonator Mod: Effects and Location

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Remote Detonator Mod is a Gatlian Mod for Sweezy in High on Life. Read on to learn more about the Remote Detonator Mod, including to how to get it, and how it affects Sweezy's abilities.

How to Get Remote Detonator Mod

Remote Detonator Mod Preview
High on Life - Remote Detonator Mod Remote Detonator Mod
Effect Allows you to remotely detonate Sweezy's large crystals.
Description This remote-activated augmentation allows you to remotely detonate Sweezy's crystal via reloading once they're embedded in a target (without having to shoot them) for double the damage.
Location Mr. Keeps Shop
How to Get Bought from Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop for 1500 Pesos.

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How to Use Remote Detonator Mod

Encourages You to Just Keep Shooting

This mod takes out the hassle of having to charge your final shot to detonate Sweezy's crystals. By emptying your current round on a group of enemies, this mod makes it easier to take out enemies using the area of effect damage from the crystal explosions.

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