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Patch Notes - Jurassic Splash Update | Season 7 Balance Changes

This article will guide you to all the changes in the Jurassic Splash - Season 7 of Brawl Stars. Check here to see the new Brawlers, Gadgets, Pins, event changes, and more!

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Brawl Stars. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Brawl Stars.

Patch Notes - Jurassic Splash Update Brawl Stars.png
This article will guide you to all the changes in the Jurassic Splash - Season 7 of Brawl Stars. Check here to see the new Brawlers, Gadgets, Pins, event changes, and more!

Season 7 - Jurassic Splash!

Season 7 Jurassic Splash - Brawl Stars.png
Good news to everyone as Season 7 already began! There will be new brawlers, brawl pass and rewards, maps, and many other things! Check out this link below to find out more.
Season 7: Jurassic Splash!

Balance Changes

Rico - New Gadget

Bouncy CastleBouncy Castle For the next basic attack, each time a projectile bounces, Rico will be healed for 300 health.

Rico Stats, Skills, and Skins

Pam - New Gadet

ScrapsuckerScrapsucker For Pam's next attack, each hit on enemy brawlers removes 25% of their maximum ammo. Pam reclaims 50% of the stolen ammo to herself.

Pam Stats, Skills, and Skins

Edgar - New Gadget

HardcoreHardcore Edgar gets a shield that blocks the next 2000 damage dealt with him. The shield gets weaker over time.

Edgar Stats, Skills, and Skins

Sandy - New Gadget

Sweet DreamsSweet Dreams Sandy's next attack makes the opponent fall asleep for 1.5 seconds. They will however wake up from any damage.

Sandy Stats, Skills, and Skins

Leon - New Gadget

Lollipop DropLollipop Drop Leon drops his lollipop to create an invisibility area for him and his teammates.

Leon Stats, Skills, and Skins

Spike - New Gadget

Life PlantLife Plant Spike creates a large cactus with 3500 health to give him and his allies cover. Upon destruction, it bursts and heals all allies around it for 1000 health.

Spike Stats, Skills, and Skins

Colonenl Ruffs - New Gadget

Air SupportAir Support Ruffs calls for air back up. It targets a large area at the closest enemy and deals 700 damage with each hit.

Colonel Ruffs Stats, Skills, and Skins

Stu - New Gadget

BreakthroughBreakthrough Stu's next Super can bash through walls, making pieces of the wall fly at the enemies on the other side. Each piece deals 500 damage to opponents.

Stu Stats, Skills, and Skins

8-Bit - Super Changes

Super Nerf

8-Bit8-Bit Super ability damage boost decreased from 50% to 35%.

Star Power Buff

Boosted BoosterBoosted Booster Boosted Booster now adds a 15% damage boost to the Super ability in addition to the increased range.

Belle - Attack and Super Changes

BelleBelle Main attack bounces are now limited to up to 3 bounces.
Main attack bounces now charge Belle's Super ability.
Super ability range increased by 6.7%.

Bo - Gadget Rework

Super TotemSuper Totem Super Totem now gradually loses health overtime after being deployed until it's destroyed.
Super Totem no longer loses Super charging effectiveness over time.

Bo Stats, Skills, and Skins

Colette - Gadget Rework

Na-ah!Na-ah! NA-AH Gadget has been reworked. It now adds an additional 1000 damage on top of Colette's basic attack damage instead of dealing damage based on the opponent's maximum health.

Colette Stats, Skills, and Skins

Nani - Super and Star Power Changes

Super Adjustments

NaniNani Super Charge Rate from the main attack increased by 33% (Nani can charge up her super with 2 attacks if she hits all projectiles).
Manual Override damage decreased from 2000 to 1800.

Star Power Nerf

AutofocusAutofocus Autofocus max damage decreased from 2500 to 1600.

Byron - Star Power Buff

MalaiseMalaise Malaise enemy healing reduction effect increased from 50% to 75%.

Byron Stats, Skills, and Skins

Gale - New Gadget & Star Power Buff

Star Power Buff

Freezing SnowFreezing Snow Freezing Snow slow effect increased from 0.3 to 0.5 seconds.

New Gadget

Name is currently unknown. Gale uses his leaf blower to create a local tornado, which will push away any enemy that tries to pass it.

Penny - Normal Attack Buff

PennyPenny Main attack damage increased from 900 to 940.

Shelly - Gadget Buff

Clay PigeonsClay Pigeons Clay Pigeons projectile speed increased by 20%.

Lou - Star Power Buff & New Gadget

Star Power Buff

HypothermiaHypothermia Hypothermia enemy reload speed reduction effect increased from 50% to 75%.

New Gadget

Name is currently unknown. All enemies in the super area gets an extra 50% snow cone mark.

Lou Stats, Skills, and Skins

Carl - Normal Attack Nerf

CarlCarl Decreased main attack projectile speed slightly.

Jacky - Star Power Nerf

Hardy Hard HatHardy Hard Hat Hardy Hard Hat damage reduction decreased from 15% to 10%.

Jacky Stats, Skills, and Skins

Tick - Gadget Nerf

Last HurrahLast Hurrah Last Hurrah shield damage reduction decreased from 100% to 50% damage reduced while the shield is active.

Stu - Super Nerf

StuStu Nitro Boost no longer knocks enemies back upon hit.

Max - Star Power & Attack Nerf

Normal Attack Nerf

MaxMax Main attack damage decreased from 320 to 300 per hit.

Star Power Nerf

Super ChargedSuper Charged Super Charged charging rate decreased by 50%.

New Feature: Brawler Traits

There is a new feature that came out with this update, and it is called Traits. Brawlers with Traits will receive passive buffs, and most of them charge the Super of a Brawler that got hit.

The following Brawlers now charge their Super from all damage received from enemy Brawlers or their summoned turrets and pets.

JackyJacky BullBull
El PrimoEl Primo FrankFrank

Game Mode & Events Changes

General Changes

  • Brawlers now spawn without ammunition after being defeated.
  • Respawn locations are now marked on the ground.
  • Active map modifiers are now displayed during the battle intro.

Brawl Event Changes

Gem Grab

Gem Grab - Brawl Stars.png
The gems now spawn in a fixed order around the mine shaft. It will make it fair for both teams now, as it sometimes spawns consecutively on the enemies' side before.


Knockout Icon - Brawl Stars.png
Knockout is now a permanent game mode. The Damage Tiebreaker feature was also removed to get the match to a conclusion faster. It was replaced with poison clouds (similar to Showdown) that damages all Brawlers inside of it.


Showdown - Brawl Stars.png
Though it is not noticeable, the damage from the Showdown poison cloud is now calculated individually for each player from the time they enter the poison cloud, instead of being applied to every Brawler inside the poison at the same time.

Team Events Rotation

There will be a new map rotation at the start of Season 7. Every Team Events will have a 2-hour rotation and won't give tokens anymore. Refer to the list below to see which events are going to get rotated every 2 hours.

Team Events Slot 1 Heist, Hot Zone, Siege
Team Events Slot 2 Bounty, Knockout

Power League Season 3

Power League Season 2 has just ended. There will be new map rotations and rewards in the Power League Season 3. Click on the link below to know more!
What is Power League?

New Game Modes & Availability Date

Game Mode Availability Date
Basket Brawl June 28, 2021
Hold the Trophy July 5, 2021
Volley Brawl July 12, 2021
Trophy Thieves July 19, 2021

Visit the Brawl Talk - June 2021 page to know the basic rules on how to play these new game modes!
Brawl Talk - June 2021 | Season 7 Preview

Map Maker Changes

You can now add modifiers to the Map Maker when creating maps. What's more is you can also use the new tiles that has harmful or helpful effects from Brawlers. For more information, check out the Brawl Talk of June 2021 by clicking this link below!
Brawl Talk - June 2021 | Season 7 Preview

Gameplay & Bug Fixes

Maintenance 17.6 Fixes

Bug fixed:

  • Fixed an issue which caused legendary odds to be displayed in Brawl Box info despite not having any legendary drops available.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed bots to use Buzz in Friendly Room battles.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed claiming Wild Card Power Points for unowned Brawlers.
  • Fixed an issue with the new Map Maker slowing tiles that sometimes caused the Brawlers to gain a lot of speed or terminate the match with server error 43.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Jacky's Counter Crush to constantly trigger from the Graveyard Shift modifier passive damage effect.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed Carl to have two Pickaxes active at the same time.

Gameplay & balance changes:

  • Spawn protection - Brawler ammo after respawning increased from 0% to 33%.
  • Bull, El Primo, Frank and Jacky - Decreased Super charging from damage received from 30% to 20%.
  • Byron - Increased Super charge rate from main attack from 10 hits to 9 hits. This was an unintended nerf with the previous balance changes for him.

Patch Notes Fixes

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue in Brawl Ball where area damage abilities were not always dealing the damage when used near the edge of the map.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Belle from charging her Super from the main attack secondary bounces.
  • Fixed an issue with Squeak's main attack projectiles not being visible after they landed inside bushes.
  • Fixed an issue in Brawl Ball when certain Brawler attacks immediately kicked the Ball if they received it while firing.

Other Changes

  • New Pins + Animated Pins
  • New Background and Background Music
  • Latin America Masters League Skins
  • Weekend Event now gives 50 tokens at the start

You can find out more about these changes by visiting the official Brawl Stars News Blog Site.

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