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Brawl Talk - June 2021 | Season 7 Preview - New Brawlers, Skins, and More!

This page will show you everything there is in the Brawl Talk of June 2021 of Brawl Stars. Check here to see the availability date for the new season, new Brawlers, skins, Gadgets, and additional features for the maps and the map maker!

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Brawl Stars. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Brawl Stars.

Brawl Talk June 2021 Season 7 Preview - Brawl Stars.png
This page will show you everything there is in the Brawl Talk of June 2021 of Brawl Stars. Check here to see the availability date for the new season, new Brawlers, skins, Gadgets, and additional features for the maps and the map maker!

Season 7: Jurassic Splash!

Season 7 Release Date: June 21 - 8:00 AM (GMT)

Season 7 Jurassic Splash - Brawl Stars.png
The Goldarm Gang is nearing its end, and Brawl Stars started giving a teaser for season 7! The upcoming season, Jurassic Splash, is a combination of summer, sports, and dinosaurs for its theme.

It will start right away on June 21 - 8:00 am (GMT), so make sure to update the game after the maintenance break to get to it immediately.

Video Presentation

New Game Modes


Volleybrawl - Brawl Stars.png
Volleybrawl, as the name implies, is like the sports Volleyball, but in Brawl Stars style. Brawlers have to land the ball on the other half of the court to score. The first team to score two points will win the match!


Basketbrawl - Brawl Stars.png
Basketbrawl is similar to the permanent brawl event, which is the Brawl Ball. But it has a twist wherein the hoop is moving from side to side and the map is much smaller compared to the others. Same with the Volleybrawl above, the first team who gets two points will take home the win.


Hold-A-Trophy - Brawl Stars.png
Another Brawl event coming out is the Hold-A-Trophy. The teams have to get and carry the Trophy in the middle of the map to earn scores. However, the ones holding it will become slow and won't be able to attack. The team that carried the Trophy longer will win in this event.

Trophy Thief

Trophy Thief - Brawl Stars.png
Trophy Thief is not a new game mode but is a reworked event that is called Present Plunder. For anyone who missed this event before, it is an event where Brawlers have to steal a gift from the other team. But the item that will be carried now is a Trophy instead of gifts. The first who got to steal two Trophies will be victorious!

Knockout is now permanent

New Game Mode Knockout - Brawl Stars.png
In addition to new or reworked game modes, Knockout events will now be permanent once the season 7 starts. It was first introduce when the season 6 came out, and as the next season start, there will also be new maps for this event.
List of Knockout Maps

New Brawlers


New Brawler Buzz - Brawl Stars.pngBuzz
Rarity Chromatic
Type Currently Unknown

Buzz is the upcoming Chromatic Brawler in season 7. He is a melee Brawler that can throw a series of fast jabs that can hit multiple enemies in a wide area. For his Super, he uses his lifebuoy to hit and stun enemies. He will also get to the target hit by his Super, making it a good Super to make up for his melee range.


New Brawler Griff - Brawl Stars.pngGriff
Rarity Epic
Type Currently Unkown

Another Brawler coming out next season is Griff. He is an Epic Brawler that shoots out coins that can hit enemies from afar and spread out the farther they go. Griffs Super lets him throw sharp-edged bank notes to enemies that comes back after a short while and it now pierces through walls.

New Skins

America Shelly Atl. Nacional Colt Beach Time Mortis
Boca Júniors Shelly Born Bad Buzz Burger Lou
Cerro Porteño Colt Chivas Mike Club America Colt
Coco Rosa Dino Leon El Primo Club Nacional
El Primo Corinthians El Primo Universitario Flamengo Mike
Hermes Max Jet Ski Jacky LDU Quito Mike
River Plate Colt Surfer Carl Trash Poco
U De Chile Shelly Vicious Bibi Whalewatch Nita
Wicked Stu

New Gadgets

New Gadgets - Brawl Stars.jpg
It has been officially announced announced that there will be new Gadgets starting next season. The information we got is still limited, but we expect some Gadget change or rework for Spike, Sandy, Stu, and Colonel Ruffs.

New Map Tiles & Modifiers

Map Modifiers

New Map Modifiers - Brawl Stars.jpg
You can now set a Modifier in friendly battles starting next season. There will also be new ones coming out that will add some more twist to the Showdown Maps.

Modifier Description
Energy Drinks - Brawl Stars.pngEnergy Drink If you're lonely, an ED might appear nearby. Grab it to boost your Brawler's damage and speed for a short while!
Angry Robo - Brawl Stars.pngAngry Robo An angry robot will randomly show up and attack the nearest Brawler. Watch out!
Meteor Shower - Brawl Stars.pngMeteor Shower This is not a meteor shower that you want to stop and admire. Watch out for big, falling rocks!
Graveyard Shift - Brawl Stars.pngGraveyard Shift You lose health constantly, but dealing damage to enemy Brawlers will restore some of your health. Defeating a Brawler will restore you to full health! All healing abilities have reduced effectiveness.
Super Charge - Brawl Stars.pngSuper Charge Super charges much faster!
Fast Brawlers - Brawl Stars.pngFast Brawlers All Brawlers move faster!

Map Tiles

New Map Tiles - Brawl Stars.png
There will be new map tiles coming out as well, and most of them have effects on Brawlers on the field. This will surely make the Map Maker enthusiasts happy, as it will be available in there!

Map Tile Effects
Healing Tile - Brawl Stars.pngHealing Tile Heals Brawlers that are standing to it.
Spike Traps - Brawl Stars.pngSpike Traps Damages and knocks back all Brawlers who stand to it.
Damage Clouds - Brawl Stars.pngDamage Clouds Damages all Brawlers inside of it.
Fast Booster Tiles - Brawl Stars.pngFast Booster Tile Increases the speed of all Brawlers standing to it.
Slow Tiles - Brawl Stars.pngSlow Tile Slows all Brawlers inside of it.

Note: Most of the effects and image above are not yet official. We will update this section as soon as it gets out!

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