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Patch Notes: Meg Update

This article will guide you to all the recent minor changes, along with the release of the new brawler Meg, in Brawl Stars. Check here to see the balance changes, new challenges, game mode changes, and more!

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Brawl Stars. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Brawl Stars.

Patch Notes Meg Update - Brawl Stars.png
This article will guide you to all the recent minor changes, along with the release of the new brawler Meg, in Brawl Stars. Check here to see the balance changes, new challenges, game mode changes, and more!

Maintenance Break Update (9/30)

There will be a maintenance update coming and it would take a couple of minutes to finish. There will be some changes for Jacky, because of her recent buffs, and Meg to rework some of her key features.

Maintenance Balance Changes


Hardy Hard HatHardy Hard Hat Reduced damaged has been increased from 10% to 15%.
Health Decreased from 5000 to 4600.
Groundbreaker Damage decreased from 1280 to 1160.

Jacky Stats, Skills, and Skins


Mega Machina Super is lost if Meg is defeated while activating it.
Target Acquired Ammo reduced to 0 after the Mecha is destroyed.
Health Health points start regenerating slower after exiting the Mecha.

Meg Stats, Skills, and Skins

Unexpected Invisible Bug

After the Maintenance Break to change some stats for Jacky and Meg, it was followed up with a bug that makes Brawlers invisible on Android devices. There will be a new Maintenance Break later on to fix this bug, and we will update you once the exact time is out!

New Brawler - Meg

New Brawler Meg - Brawl Stars.png
A new legendary Brawler is making its way to Brawl Stars, named Meg. Meg is a genius at repairing vending machines, and she wants to be a hero like Max and Surge. Meg now joins the battle, even if Max and Surge think she's not up to the challenge yet!

Meg Stats, Skills, and Skins

Balance Changes


Belle Attack Nerf

Shocker Reduced her normal attack damage from 1100 to 1040.
Reduced normal attack bounce damage from 550 to 520.
Developer Notes: Despite the previous nerfs, Belle still dominated in several game modes and maps. Reducing her damage from the main attack (and indirectly bounce damage) should bring her more in line with other long-range damage dealers and less of a must-pick.

Belle Stats, Skills, and Skins


Jacky Super Ability buff

Holey-Moley Super Removed the delay on Super upon activation, and makes her move or attack while the Super is active.
Developer Notes: Jacky's Super "Holey Moley!" was too weak and never really fulfilled its intended role, mainly due to the involved delay timers. Removing the delay and allowing Jacky to be more mobile should allow her to become more of a threat when she activates her Super.

Jacky Stats, Skills, and Skins


Brock Attack Tweaks

Rockin' Rocket Increased the explosion radius of normal attack by 50%.
Reduced damage from 1220 to 1160.
Range decreased from 30 to 27.
Rocket FuelRocket Fuel Removed the bonus damage.
Developer Notes: In an effort to provide each long-range damage dealer with their own niche, Brock's abilities now focus more on his ability to deal area and splash damage. The nerfs to his main attack range and damage are meant to off-set his new area damage potential

Brock Stats, Skills, and Skins

Carl Gadget Tweaks

Heat EjectorHeat Ejector The fire from Heat Ejector now follows Carl's Axe rather than Carl himself.
Developer Notes: Carl's Gadget "Heat Ejector" was only useful when fleeing from an engagement or in conjunction with his Super. This change will give the Gadget more versatility, allow for more interesting plays and give him more area control capabilities which is in line with the rest of his kit.

Carl Stats, Skills, and Skins

Game Mode Changes & Event

Showdown+ Changes

Showdown  - Brawl Stars.png
Instead of getting only one Trophy, you will now earn two Trophies for each kill. However, you will now also lose two once you die.

New Challenge - Return to Retropolis

Return to Retropolis Challenge - Brawl Stars.png
Return to Retropolis challenge will be available on the month of October. You can get the new skin for 8-Bit, called V8-Bit, by completing all the stages in this challenge. There is no exact date on when this will start, and we will update you as soon as the information comes out!

Other Changes & Bug Fixes

Clubs and Friends Menu Changes

  • You can now use pins on the club chat.
  • Invite window now shows the game mode that is selected.
  • There are now two status changes for inviting players to the team. You can notify your friends that you are looking for a team or that you are in a team looking for a player.

Interface Changes

New Skin Interface - Brawl Stars.png

  • You can now select a skin of a brawler in the main menu.
  • You can also randomize the skin for every match (if you have more than 1 skin).
  • Added new animations for Showdown, Brawl Ball, and Bounty banners.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Wizard Byron animations were breaking when airborne.
  • Fixed an issue where Edgar's Fisticuffs Star Power increased the timer of the movement speed boost after jumping.
  • Fixed an issue where Spike's Gadget would not get launched by jump pads.
  • Fixed an issue where Lunar Piper skin would cause minor screen shake when she starts moving.

You can find out more about these changes by visiting the official Brawl Stars Blog Site.

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