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Orbital Laser Code and How to Unlock

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Orbital Laser is a Offensive Stratagem in Helldivers 2. See the code and stats, as well as how to use and unlock the Orbital Laser, in this guide!

Orbital Laser Code and Overview

Orbital Laser Information

Orbital Laser Overview
Helldivers 2 - Orbital Laser
The Destroyer's laser cannon will sweep over the designated area, vaporizing all targets within the effective radius.
Right Down Up Right Down
Category Orbital Cannons Type Offensive
Unlock Level 15 Cost
Requisition 10000
Call-in Time 2 Seconds Number of Uses 3
Cooldown 300 Seconds Traits • Orbital

Is the Orbital Laser Worth It?

Worth All 3 Uses

Tier Rating S Tier S Tier

You can only use the Orbital Laser 3 times per mission, but it is worth it for those three uses. One orbital laser is enough to kill off a Charger or Bile Titan, but its true worth is seen when it seeks to destroy enemies where it can find them.

How to Unlock Orbital Laser

Available after Reaching Level 15

Orbital Laser can be unlocked for purchase after reaching level 15. You can buy this Stratagem for 10000 Requisition Slips in the Ship Management console located inside your ship.

How to Use Orbital Laser

Throw on to Enemies

The Orbital Laser will bring down its devastating firepower at the location you signal it to after 2 Seconds of throwing it.

Note that although this type of Stratagem is easy to use, it is also quite easy to mess it up. Avoid throwing the signal close to you or any of your squad mates to prevent friendly fire.

Can Only Be Used 3 Times

The Orbital Laser can only be used three times during a mission and cannot be recharged after using it all up.

Players should only use the Orbital Laser for strategic purposes such as clearing out areas filled with large mobs of Terminids or Automatons, otherwise they'll have to look for other ways to eliminate them once they run out of Orbital Lasers.

Has a 5-Minute Cooldown

It's worth noting that you can't frequently spam the Orbital Laser as it has a 5-Minute (300 seconds) cooldown timer after each use.

We highly suggest calling it down when sweeping out hostile-controlled POIs where your mission objective is located at, or when going up against Armored enemies. This can also potentially save ammo for your Primary and Secondary weapons as it wipes out several waves of enemies for you.

Use Ship Module Upgrades

Use Ship Modules to further increase the effectiveness of Stratagems on the field. Listed below are the following Ship Modules that augment and enhance the Orbital Laser Stratagem:

  1. Zero G-Breech Loading
  2. Targeting Software Upgrade

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