Village of Dali (Disc 1)

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This is the Story Walkthrough for Village of Dali (Disc 1) from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about objectives and bosses within this section.

Ice Cavern Lindblum

Village of Dali - Objectives

1 After exiting the Ice Caverns, head to the village south-west from your location.
2 After the scene in the village, head north and talk to Vivi.
3 After talking to Vivi, head to the weapon shop. The weapon shop is located in front of the inn.
4 Once inside the shop, talk to Garnet.
5 After the short scene, go back to the inn.
6 Make your way back to the area you found Vivi at earlier.
7 Enter the house to the left then open the hatchet to proceed underground.
8 The path is linear from here. Just keep heading deeper into the storage area.
9 After gaining control of Steiner, return to Dali and be prepared for a boss fight.
Boss Boss Fight Black Waltz 2
10 After the fight, rest at the inn if necessary. Once you are ready, hitch a ride on the airship.
11 Go to the Airship's deck for a boss fight.
Boss Black Waltz 3

Village of Dali - Items and Equipment

Item Quantity Location
Gil x135 Pick it up from the bottom of the stairs in Morrid's house.
Hi-Potion x1 Acquired along the wall, near the bottom of the stairs in Morrid's house.
Antidote x1 Get it by viewing an ATE and searching the chest.
Potion x1 Located under the plant, next to the bed in the a residence in the Village of Dali.
Gil x120 Found below the airship, across the inn window.
Aries x1 Pick it up behind the spinning pillar in a residence next to the Mayor's house.
Gil x156 Earned by picking it up in a revealed secret passage in a residence next to the Mayor's house.
Potion x1 Obtain near Vivi's location in Dali's underground passage.
Eyedrops x1 Acquire from a chest located below the potion's location.
Ether x1 Gain by jumping into the crate just behind the barrel.
Potion x1 Acquire by kicking the wheel located way passed the Moogle save point in the underground passage.
Iron Helm x1 Obtain from a chest situated on a crate, located way passed the Moogle's save point area.
Leather Wrist x1 Found at the center of the room, located way passed the Moogle's save point area.
Gil x95 Open the chest located at the upper right area after the cutscene.
Phoenix Down, Potion & Phoenix Pinion x3 Obtain these items upon defeating the monsters located at the door above in Dali's basement.
Gil x135 Found just outside Morrid's house, located at the right side of the stairs.
AP x10 Give an Ore to the Brown Mu.
Potion x1 Give an Ore to the Brown Mu.



Enter the house near the Mayor's residence to obtain Aries.

Iron Helm

Iron Helm.jpg

Enter Dali's basement and keep heading straight. Get the Iron Helm from a chest near the Moogle's location. Jump over the boxes to reach the chest.

Leather Wrist

Leather Wrist.jpg

Also in Dali's basement, you can find the Leather Wrist in a chest near the Moogle's location.

Village of Dali - Shops



Item Name Price
Phoenix Down 150 Gil
Tent 800 Gil
Eye Drops 50 Gil
Antidote 50 Gil
Potion 50 Gil


This shop sells no weapons.


This shop sells no armor.

Weapon Shop (Shopkeeper Eve)


This shop sells no items.


Weapon Name Price
Mage Masher 500 Gil
Dagger 320 Gil
Mage Staff 320 Gil
Iron Sword 660 Gil
Broadsword 330 Gil
Rod 260 Gil


Armor Name Price
Leather Hat 150 Gil
Feather Hat 200 Gil
Rubber Helm 250 Gil
Bronze Helm 330 Gil
Wrist 130 Gil
Leather Wrist 200 Gil
Bronze Gloves 480 Gil
Bronze Armor 650 Gil
Silk Shirt 400 Gil
Leather Shirt 270 Gil

Village of Dali Boss Fights

Black Waltz 2

Black Waltz 2
Black Waltz is an aggressive hard hitter that counter-attacks your spells. Be mindful of the abilities you use against him to avoid massive damage. For more information about Black Waltz 2, see the link below.
How to Beat Black Waltz 2

Black Waltz 3

ff9 Black Waltz 3
The strongest of the 3 Black Waltzes. Black Waltz 3 has 2 modes and depending on the moves you use, can make this battle more difficult. For more information about Black Waltz 3, see the link below.
How to Beat Black Waltz 3

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