How to use the New HD Rerelease Features

This is a guide on the new features added in the HD rerelease of Final Fantasy IX (FF9, FF IX). This page lists all the additional enhancements players can take advantage of that were not in the original version.

HD New Features

Added in the HD rerelease of Final Fantasy IX are a set of seven game boosters, separated into cheats and assistive features which will be detailed below.


Max Gil

As the name implies, this command gives the player the maximum amount of Gil possible in the game. This allows the player to buy anything they want without worries.

Master Abilities

Abilities will be mastered automaticllay upon obtaining the necessary equipment to learn the abilities. This also allows Quina to learn all the Blue Magic from enemies that have been encountered.

Max Level and Magic Stones

Instantly maximizes the character's levels and Magic Stones allowing the player to breeze through anything while equipping all the abilities the player wants for their characters.

Consequences for Using Cheats

Take note that activating these features will prevent the player from earning any trophies in the PS4 and Steam versions of the game. There is no downside for Switch players using cheats.

Assistive Features

These features were added to rectify some of the glaring weaknesses of the original game, as there may be times where the player gets stuck on a boss or the game is going too slow. These issues are addressed with the following and can be accessed through the Pause menu.

Fast Forward

The most welcome change among the new features. Traversing the world map can feel slow at times, as well as several moves and abilities that take some time to exectute. Activating the Fast Forward feature helps you speed through times like these.

9999 Damage

Need to get out of Popo's Height? Ran into a difficult boss? Turning on 9999 damage does exactly what it says and will let you plow through your enemies unobstructed.

No Enemy Encounters

Want to explore the world? Got lost and want to find your next destination without disturbances? Activate the No Enemy Encounters to enjoy your journey undisturbed.

Battle Assistance

Getting demolished by enemies? Even maximum damage isn't quite cutting it? Activating Battle Assistance will make your party practically invincible, preventing them from taking damage or losing MP while in a consant Trance state to indefinitely use your strongest abilities.

How to Use Additional Features?

Main Menu or the Pause Menu

The Cheat Features can be found at the bottom of the Config menu and the Assistance Features can be activated from the Pause menu. You can then press the corresponding button to choose the features you wish to activate.

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