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This is a walkthrough site for Armored Core 6. We have guides on how to progress in the early stages, mission strategies, and how to defeat bosses. If you're looking to get a comprehensive overview of Armored Core 6 strategies, please take a look.

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Armored Core 6 (AC6) Boss Strategy Guides

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List of Bosses

Chapter 1
Helicopter Helicopter Tester ACTester AC Index Durham Index Durham
JuggernautJuggernaut Sulla ButtonSulla Balteus Balteus
Chapter 2
Mad Stamp Mad Stomp Smart Cleaner Smart Cleaner Sea Spider Sea Spider
Chapter 3
Ekdromoi Ekdromoi HC-type Execution Machine PCA Warrant Officer Catafract Cataphract
HC and LC High Mobility Execution Machines HC and LC High Mobility Execution Machines Brute "Honest" Brute ??? ???
Ice Worm Ice Worm - -
Chapter 4
Iguas Iguazu Enforcer Enforcer Ephemera Ephemera
Michigan G1 Michigan Hawkins V.V Hawkins and V.VIII Pater Metellink and Gokamai V.VI Maeterinck and G3 Wu Huahai
Ibis Series Ibis Series - -
Chapter 5-A
Archibas Main HC Arquebus Main HC Freud V.I Freud Rusty V.IV Rusty
Final Boss Final Boss - -
Chapter 5-B
Cinderkala Cinder Karla and "Chatty" Stick Snail AAP07A Arquebus Balteus / V.II Snail Final Boss Final Boss
2nd Playthrough and Beyond
Volta and IguasG5 Iguazu and G4 Volta King and Chartlouz King and Chartreuse Flatwell and Rusty V.IV Rusty and Middle Flatwell
Nile G2 Nile Iguas Iguazu Cold Call Coldcall
3rd Playthrough and Beyond
Sam Dormayan Thumb Dolmayan V.III Okief V.III O'Keeffe V.II Snail and G5 Iguas V.II Snail and G5 Iguazu
V.III Paiter V.VIII Pater Secret Boss Secret Boss

What is Armored Core 6?

High-Speed Robot Action

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is the latest mainline entry in the Armored Core franchise, revolves around a series of robot action games that date back to 1997. The basic gameplay involves clearing stages with an AC (Armored Core) assembled by yourself. During these stages, you engage in high-speed robot action.

Customize Your AC To Your Liking

Another selling point of Armored Core is the ability to customize your mech to your liking

In this game, assembly refers to configuring your mech's components. Depending on how you build your AC, its performance can change significantly. This is great for robot enthusiasts, since you can make mechs that align with your own design philosophies, or whatever you think looks cool.

Product Information

Price Standard Edition: $59.99
Digital Deluxe Edition: $69.99
Collector's Edition: $230
Premium Collector's Edition: €449.99
Developer FromSoftware, Inc.
Compatible Platforms PlayStation®5
Xbox Series X|S
Xbox One
Genre Action
Number of Players 1 Player
ESRB Rating Teen
Official Website Armored Core Official Website


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