How to Strengthen Party Members

This page details the best methods to strengthening your party in the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FF8, FFVIII). All the information about the unique ways of making your characters stronger in the game can be found here.

How to Strengthen Party Members

FF8 features a unique way of strengthening characters. Levelling your characters alone isn't enough, and sometimes will even make the game more difficult. Below are the list of ways to strengthen your characters.


Junction is the method of equipping GF, Magic, Commands, and Abilities to your characters. It's a system you must understand in order to play FF8 in the most optimal way. For more information about the Junction System, see the link below.
Junction System | Final Fantasy VIII

Stat Up abilities

Stat Up Abilities are learned by certain GFs, these abilities will raise a certain stat everytime a character levels up and are abilities that must be learned as soon as possible.

Ability Name Effect
Spr Bonus +1 Bonus to Spr at level up.
Mag Bonus +1 Bonus to Mag at level up.
Vit Bonus +1 Bonus to Vit at level up.
Str Bonus +1 Bonus to Str at level up.
HP Bonus +30 Bonus to HP at level up.

Stat Up items

Stat up items are extremely rare in the game. These items will raise a stat depending on the item used. For a list of all stat raising items, see the link below.
List of Stat Raising Items | Final Fantasy VIII


FF8 moves away from the traditional buy an item, equip it and get stronger style. There are Junk Shops in different places in the game. These shops will use materials you bring them to turn your equipment to better versions. Turning them to better weapons will increase the Str and Accuracy of the specific character equipping the weapon.

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