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This page has all the details about the draw ability from the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). This page will teach you all about the necessary information about draw and why is it so important in the game.

What is Draw?

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Draw is the method of taking magics from enemies and draw points. Draw can also cast the magic being taken directly instead of stocking it in the character's magic inventory.

Draw to Stock up Magics

Not drawing magic means you won't have enough magics to junction for your characters. You can only draw from draw points once whenever they are available, then you must wait before they become active again. (not all drawpoints restock themselves). Enemies, however, can be drawn from an unlimited number of times for magics.

Draw Unique GFs

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Some enemies possess GFs inside them, and drawing that GF will let you equip the GF as your own after the battle.

Draw and cast to save stocked magic

You can draw and cast from enemies. Instead of using your own spells, check the enemy if they have the magics with the effect you need to save up your own magic stock.

Draw amount

Quantity Depends on Magic Stat

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The higher your character's magic stat, the more magic you can draw. Some magics require higher magic to draw and if the magic stat is low then the draw might even fail (Draw will never fail for draw points but quantity will be lower if drawing character's magic stat is low).

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