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This page lists all Blue Magic from the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FFVIII, FF8). Read on to see which items can be taught to Quistis in order to learn new Limit Breaks.

List of Blue Magic

Item Effect
Dark Matter Learns Shockwave Pulsar.
Power Generator Learns Ray-Bomb.
Barrier Learns Mighty Guard.
Laser Cannon Learns Homing Laser.
Whisper Learns White Wind.
Malboro Tentacle Learns Bad Breath.
Inferno Fang Learns Fire Breath.
Running Fire Learns Gatling Gun.
Mystery Fluid Learns Acid.
Missile Learns Micro Missile.
Water Crystal Learns Aqua Breath.
Black Hole Learns Degenerator.
Curse Spike Learns Lv.?Death.
Coral Fragment Learns Electocute.
Spider Web Learns Ultra Waves.

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