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A page describing the Junction Feature from the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FF VIII). The page explains how to Junction GFs, Junctioning magics, and Equipping abilities

What is Junction?

A Method to Strengthen Characters

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Junction is the equipment system of Final Fantasy 8. It is the process of Equipping GFs to your party members. Equipping a GF can give your characters the ability to summon GFs, equip magic to strengthen your characters, equip abilities, and add commands.

How to Junction?

1. Junctioning GF

To start Junctioning, go to the main menu and select Junction . On the Junction Menu, select the Junction System, then GF to choose from all the GFs you have obtained in the game. Once you have equipped a GF, you will notice some of your stat labels will turn white. This means that specific stat can now be equipped with magic.

2. Junction Magic

To equip magics, select Junction, then Magic. From there, select the stat you would like to equip with magics, then choose from all the magics you have stocked up. The best way to junction magic without minding all the details is to use auto. The system will optimize your character stats depending on your preference from attackers to magic users.

3. Equipping Commands

GFs have abilities they can learn in the game. Equipping these abilities will provide bonuses for your characters. To equip abilities, go to the Junction menu then select Ability. On the Ability page go to Commands to see choices about commands you can equip such as Draw, Magic, Item etc.

4. Equipping Abilities

On the same page of Abilities, just below the menu of commands lies the ability section. On this area, you can equip passive abilities learned by your GF. Such abilities consists from stat raising abilities like STR +20% to niche abilities like Mug.

Junctioning Magic Details

The stats obtained from magics will factor 2 things. The quantity, and the magic itself.


The number of magics in stock will affect the stats gained from that particular magic. For example, junctioning 10 cures can increase your HP a lot but junctioning 100 cures will definitely increase your HP more than 10 cures. So It is important to stock up on magics by drawing. To know more about stocking up on magics, see our guide on how to draw in the link below.
Draw | Final Fantasy VIII


Magics can increase certain stats more than the others. For example, a magic like meltdown will increase a character's vitality by huge folds but won't increase the characters HP as much. So it is important to junction the magics in the most optimal way.

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