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This is a page on the character Squall Leonhart from the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FF8, FFVIII). Read on to find out more information about this character.

Squall Leonhart - Basic Information


Full Name Squall Leonhart
Age 17
Height 177 cm
Birthday August 23rd
Blood Type AB
Likes Brooding
Weapon Type Gunblade
Limit Break Renzokuken

Squall Leonhart - Introduction

Squall is a SeeD mercenary of Balamb Garden. While he is unquestionably great at what he does, he is somewhat cold and anti-scoial, and as such, the Balamb Garden instructors view him as a problem child.


Renzokuken: Slashes at 4-8 times then randomly trigger a finishing move.
Finishing Move Required Equipment
Rough Divide Revolver
Fated Circle Shear Trigger and Cutting Trigger
Blasting Zone Flame Saber, Twin Lance, and Punishment.
Lion Heart Lionheart.

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