Story Boss Battles

This is the Story Boss Battles page of Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9) for Switch and PS4. Read on to see a list of bosses and find a guide for how to beat each story boss in Final Fantasy IX.

List of Story Bosses

List of Enemies
Masked Man Steiner Steiner
Steiner Prison Cage Prison Cage
Baku Plant Brain Black Waltz 1
Black Waltz 2 Black Waltz 3 Zaghnol
Gizamaluke Beatrix Black Waltz 3
Ralvuraha Antlion (Boss) Beatrix
Thorn Zorn Beatrix
Ralvuimago Lani Hilgigars
Soulcage Scarlet Hair Ark
Valia Pira Meltigemini Taharka
Earth Guardian Silver Dragon Garland
Kuja Nova Dragon Maliris
Tiamat Kraken Lich
Deathguise Trance Kuja Necron

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