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This article will guide you on How to Equip Exclusive Equipment for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more tips and information all about the Exclusive Equipment in the game.

What is Exclusive Equipment?

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There is equipment that is available for select heroes of the game, these are called Exclusive Equipment which greatly boosts a hero stats and skill. Better equip your hero with this equipment if it is available for them.

How to Obtain Exclusive Equipment?

Hall of Trials (Exchange Shop)

One of the ways of obtaining these pieces of Exclusive Equipment is through the Hall of Trials and visiting their Exchange Shop. The currency that is used here is Wisdom's Gaze which can be obtained by completing the Hall of Trials.
Note: Bonus Skill and Stats that can be obtained are random when you buy equipment.

Sanctuary (Alchemist's Steeple)

You can craft your Exclusive Equipment here at the sanctuary for the exchange of other exclusive equipment, but the advantage of crafting is that you can select your desired bonus skill for that equipment and the bonus stat that can be obtained are always MAX bonus.
Note: You can only select your desired bonus skill if the quality grade is EPIC.
10 Exclusive Equipment = Epic Quality Grade

How to Equip Exclusive Equipment

Requirements for Equipping

The only requirement for you to be able to equip the item is that your hero must be a 5★ Awakened Hero, after completing that you can now equip the item.

How to Equip the Exclusive Item

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You will see another blank slot just beside the Artifact slot tap the blank slot and equip the desired equipment.

Heroes with Exclusive Equipment

Destina Ruele's Sad Promise
Chloe Prototype Crown
Rose Valkyrie Wing
Wanderer Silk Dun Blyraia's Dark Blessing
Guide Aither Whispered Faith
Armin Golden Cat's Treasure
Yufine Azure Dragon's Spirit
Charles Justice's Mask
Blaze Dingo Hellfire
Tywin Estyria
Yuna Small Drone Tuna
Bellona Citrine Treasure
Cermia Lucky Dice
General Purrgis Tear-Stained Badge
Serila Witch Hat
Kayron Grudge Marble
Lidica Eternal Rose
Romann A Treatise on Logic

To know more about their bonus stats and skill enhancement. Refer to the link below:
Heroes with Exclusive Equipment

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