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The Kind of Currency and their Usage

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This article will guide you on how to earn currency for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more tips and information about the in-game currency.

Different Currencies in the game
Gold Stigma
Skystone Leif
Transmit Stone Powder of Knowledge
Friendship Points Ancient Coin
Glory Crest & Conquest Points Coronation Souvenir
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How to Earn

Gold is one of the most commonly used currency in the game. There are a lot of ways to earn this in-game currecny. Refer to the list below for ways on how to earn Gold:

  • Clear Stages - Gold is rewarded per stage cleared.
  • Achievement Reward - You can always check the Reputation, Adventurer's Path, Check-In Reward, Abyss, and Automation Tower. These areas of the game will often give Gold as reward.
  • Heart of Orbis - The Sanctuary gives daily Gold rewards every time it reaches 100%. It also gives an additional bonus that multiplies the Gold that you received.
  • Selling/Transmission - You can always Sell those extra item drops or transmit your extra heroes for Gold.

For more information on how to farm gold, see the link below:
How to Farm Gold

Gold Usage

There are many uses for Gold; it will vary from upgrading to buying something at the shop. Refer to the table below for the different uses for Gold:

Enhancing / Promotion The requirement is to pay a specific amount of Gold before enhancing or promoting.
Sanctuary Improvement Sanctuary improvements requires Gold to finish.
Equipment Change Removing or changing your equipments require Gold.
Secret Shop You can buy various items at the Secret Shop. The only currency accepted here is Gold.
Vagrant Merchant You can find this merchant at every Labyrinth stage. This vendor charges Gold for every item you will buy
Pet Shop Gold is used to buy Adoption Tickets at this shop.
Guild Foundation Founding a Guild also requires some Gold to complete.

Tips on Earning

Gold is the most common currency in-game. You'll be using it for a lot of things, so be sure to save up and spend wisely. See the list below for tips on earning Gold.

  • Improve Heart of Orbis - You can improve the Heart of Orbis to increase the Gold haul you receive.
  • Play through the Adventure Stage - Playing through the Adventure mode and completing quests will give you more Gold.
  • Keep Grinding - Earning Gold is not that hard—it will take a lot of grinding to earn Gold, though.
    Note: You can also use the Auto-function to keep on farming.



How to Earn

Stigma is another common currency in the game, the same as Gold. You can earn Stigma in various ways:

Stage Clear Every time you clear a stage, you can automatically obtain Stigma from drops.
Achievement Reward Stigma is given as a reward on these stages: Adventurer's Path, Quest, Reputation, Abyss. Check the rewards for Stigma.


Stigma Usage

See the table below for different uses of Stigma:

Skill Enhancement Stigma is required for Skill Enhancement.
Forest of Souls You can immediately summon a Phantasma, MolaGora and Penguin using Stigma without waiting for it to hatch.
Pet Shop Use Stigma to buy Pet food.

Tips on Earning

Stigma is rarely used in the game; however, it is still advisable to save up on Stigma as you can use it when rushing Phantasma production or developing your skills. Always prioritize using Stigma only when absolutely needed.



How to Earn

Skystone is one of the main currencies in the game, and is also among the commonly used. There are various ways of earning Skystone:

  • Real Money - You can buy Skystone by paying for it using real money at the shop. Remember to spend your money responsibly.
  • Achievement Rewards - There are certain rewards that give Skystone, whether on Adventurer's Path, Reputation, Adventure Quest, and Abyss. Better check the reward always.
  • Heart of Orbis - The Sanctuary produces Skystone daily. Make sure to visit the Sanctuary to get your Daily Skystone stash.


Skystone Usage

Skystone has many uses in the game; this is one of the reasons why it can be bought using real-world money. You can use the Skystone to buy supplies at the following shops, among others:

  • Normal Shop (Main Shop) - You can buy items like Covenant Bookmark, Energy and others using the Skystone.
  • Equipment and Hero Inventory expansion - Expand the capacity of your inventory using the Skystone.
  • Others - Skystone can be used on different shops. Certain events have bonus shops where you can buy items using Skystones.

For more information on using Skystone, see the link below:
Best Use of Skystone

Tips on Earning

  • Earning Skystone is very hard; it cannot be earned just by grinding. The only daily supply you can get it from is the Sanctuary or the Daily Quest. Make sure to keep track of your Skystone spending.
  • Use Skystone to buy Covenant Bookmarks to summon a guaranteed banner hero.
    120 summon until a guaranteed hero = 605 Covenant Bookmarks



How to Earn

Leif is very hard to come by in the game. You cannot earn it through the Sanctuary and the ways for earning Leif are also few:

  • Achievement Rewards - There are rewards whcih will give you Leif. The Daily Check-in Reward, Event Reward, and Quest Reward are some of these.
  • Event Drop - There are certain events that will give out free Leifs for every player. Be sure to check in if there is an event going on.


Leif Usage

Leif Usage.png
Leif is mainly used in the Labyrinth Compass and Abyss Guide. You can also use it for Energy refill.

Tips on Earning

It is better to use Leif for the Labyrinth and Abyss where you can get good equipment. Just use the Skystone to refill your Energy, if you run out of Leif.

Transmit Stone

How to Earn

The Transmit Stone is one of the rare items that is really hard to come by. There are several ways where you can earn Transmit Stones:

Silver Transmit Stone.pngSilver Transmit Stone Hero Transmission: Transmit 3★ Hero and above.
Achievement Reward (Abyss)
Quest Rewards
Gold Transmit Stone.pngGold Transmit Stone Achievement Rewards (Abyss)
Quest Rewards
Event Rewards

For more information on how to earn Transmit stone, see the link below:
How to Get Transmit Stone

Transmit Stone Usage

The Transmit Stone can buy items at the Transmit Stone Shop, in the Main Shop:

Gold Transmit Stone.pngGold Transmit Stone 5 Galaxy Bookmarks
4-5★ Hero Summon Ticket
Silver Transmit Stone.pngSilver Transmit Stone MolaGora
Ego Fragment
Artifact Charm

Tips on Earning

  • Since Transmit Stones are really hard to come by, make sure to spend them only when you really need to. Use the Gold Transmit Stones for the 4-5★ Hero summon or the Galaxy Bookmark.
  • Reputation Rewards can be received through even simple actions as Enhancing an artifact to +3. Summon artifacts from the Friendship Summon then enhance your 1★ Artfiact to +3 to complete the conditions for receiving a Reputation Reward.

Powder of Knowledge

Powder of Knowledge.png

How to Earn

Powder of Knowledge Sell.png
You can earn Powder of Knowledge by selling 3★ Artifacts and above. there are certain conversion if you are selling these artifacts.

5★ Artifacts Converted to 30 Powder of Knowledge
4★ Artifacts Converted to 8 Powder of Knowledge
3★ Artifacts Converted to 1 Powder of Knowledge

Powder of Knowledge

Powder of Knowledge Usage

There are very limited uses for this item. You can only use it at the Powder of Knowledge Shop.

Tips on Earning

You can also earn Powder of Knowledge at the Hunt area, but the drop rate for it is too low. The only way to earn it is by selling 3★and above Artifacts.

Friendship Points

Friendship Points.png

How to Earn

You can earn Friendship Points through Support. This can either be your friend or a Random player.
Friendship Points

Friendship Points Usage

Go to the Friendship Points (Main Shop) to use the currency that you gained.

Tips on Earning

Friendship Points are easy to gain. However, besides buying Friendship Bookmarks, there isn't much use for this in-game currency.

Ancient Coin

Ancient Coin.png

How to Earn

You can earn Ancient Coin from the Labyrinth Rewards.
Ancient Coin

Ancient Coin Usage

Ancient Coins can be used to buy items at the Ancient Coin Shop in the Main Shop. Here are the following items available:

  • Malicious Bug Charm
  • Lv 22-60 Accessory Chest
  • Lesser Ring Charm
  • Greater Ring Charm
  • Lesser Necklace Charm
  • Greater Necklace Charm

Tips on Earning

Ancient Coin is mostly earned through playing the Labyrinth. It is better to use the Labyrinth every day to earn more. You can also buy more Labyrinth tickets at the shop.

Glory Crest & Conquest Points

Glory Crest.pngGlory Crest Conquest Points.pngConquest Points

How to Earn

  • Conquest Points - Earn this by participating at the Arena. You can also receive this reward through every battle you complete.
  • Glory Crest - Glory Points are earned weekly. Each season, rewards are given out depending on what rank you finished.
    Go to Arena >> Arena Info >> League Info to see all the Rankings and Rewards.

Conquest Points & Glory Crest Usage

Go to the Conquest Points shop at the Main Shop to buy different items and equipments by using this currency.

  • Exclusive Item from the Shop
  • MolaGora Seed
  • Energy
  • Epic Grade Equipments

Tips on Earning

Winning a battle at the Arena will give you Conquest Points, even if you lose. Always participate at the Arena if you have the ticket then climb through the ranks for higher Glory Crest rewards.
For more information about Arena, see the link below:
How to Unlock Arena

Coronation Souvenir

Coronation Souvenir.jpg

How to Earn

You can earn this type of currency by completing Azmakalis in Labyrinth otherwise known as Raid.
Coronation Souvenir

Coronation Souvernir Usage

You can only use this currency inside the Raid and going to Alexa's Shop where you can buy different Catalyst, Epic-Grade Equipment, Epic Charm, and Queen Azumashik's Gift.

Tips on Earning

Every time you beat a boss can drop you these currency. Be sure to save up on these currency and buy what you really need.

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