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What is Fodder

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This article will introduce you to what is Fodder and its uses for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more information on what can be used as fodders and how to obtain them within this section.

What is Fodder

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Fodder is the term used as a sacrificial lamb for promoting heroes, These fodders can be classified as: (Eg. Monsters, Phantasma, Heroes).
For more information on promoting heroes, see the link below:
How to Promote a Hero

Uses of Fodder

There are different ways on using fodders such as:

  • Promoting a Hero
  • Hero Transmission
  • EXP Fodder

For more information on how to use a fodder, see the link below:
How to Use Fodder

Farming Fodder

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To fully utilize your fodders, you first need to farm them to become usable. There are many ways on farming fodders such as bringing them to Hunts and Adventures.
For more information on farming you fodder efficiently, see the link below:
Best Places to Farm Fodder

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