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What is Effectiveness

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This article will guide you on explaining what is Effectiveness and its uses for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more information about its definition within this section.

What is Effectiveness

Effectiveness affects the chance of inflicting debuffs against the enemy. This stat is very important for heroes which uses debuff skills so the higher your Effectiveness, the chances of inflicting the debuff is higher.
Note: Effectiveness does not affect the Effect chance of the skills.

What are the Disadvantage of Effectiveness

Effect Resistance

To counter debuffer heroes is that you will need items that greatly boosts Effect Resistance. This stat can lessen the chances of debuffs being inflicted to your hero.

RNG (Random Number Generator)

It will come down to the RNG on whether your debuff will be inflicted, this is one of the disadvantage of Effectiveness even though you have that high Effectiveness stats it will still come down to the RNG whether the debuff will be successfuly inflicted or not.

Sample Heroes that Need Effectiveness

These are certain heroes that is worth it to be built with Effectiveness:

Hero Effective Skill
Basar Icon.pngBasar 1st Skill: Sand Wind
2nd Skill: Hurricane
Ultimate: Sandstorm
Dizzy Icon.pngDizzy 1st Skill: I Used This to Catch Fish
Ultimate Skill: Emotional Gamma Ray
Tywin Icon.pngTywin Ultimate Skill: All-Out Attack
Baiken Icon.pngBaiken 1st Skill: Tatami Gaeshi
2nd Skill:Tsurane Sanzu-watashi
Ultimate:Garyo Tensei
Iseria Icon.pngIseria 1st Skill: Refine Flower
2nd Skill: Full Bloom

Note: These are just sample heroes that has a cleave skills. See the link below for a complete list of Heroes in the game:
List of All Heroes

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