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What is World Difficulty

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Epic Seven. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Epic Seven.

This article will teach players on What is World Difficulty or what is currently known as Unrecorded History for the game Epic Seven.

What is World Difficulty?

World Difficulty or what is currently known now as The Episode 1 Epilogue: Unrecorded History or just Unrecorded History. This can be located in the Side Story section of the Battle Menu. This side story continues the story from Episode 1 Chapter 10-10 in the region Ritania.

What is Different?

In Unrecorded History, most of the AP Exchange Shops now sells 2 pieces of an Epic Catalyst for 400 AP each and resets every week.

All enemies scale from level 47 to level 60 across all chapters. Urgent Missions can still be received, but the Urgent Missions won't be played in Unrecorded History.

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