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This page contains the Rating and Stats for the character Rose in the game Epic Seven, with detailed information on Rose's Strengths and Weaknesses, Skills, and more. Read on to find out about our recommended Artifacts for Rose, and our overall evaluation of Rose as a character.

Rose - Rating


Overall Rating 7.75/10


  • Provides Increased Attack buffs to all allies.
  • Can also provoke enemies for her to tank the damage.
  • Also provides Barrier to an ally.


  • Low Speed stats.
  • Provoke does not fare well against Boss monsters and only has a chance to procure against other enemies.

Rose - Recommended Artifacts

Artifact Reason for Recommendation
Hilag Lance Icon.pngHilag Lance Can push the Combat Readiness of this hero if an ally is attacked.
Aurius Icon.pngAurius Provides additional defense to all allies and take some of the damage suffered by the allies.

Rose - Stats

Basic Information

Grade ★4 - ★6
Element Ice
Class Knight
Zodiac Libra

Stats (at Max Lv.)

CP 14045
Atk 671
HP 5364
Spd 97
Def 645
Critical Hit Chance Critical Hit Damage
15% 150%
Dual Attack Chance Effectiveness
5% 0%
Effect Resistance

Rose - Skills and Specialty


Sequential Cutter (Rose)Sequential Cutter (Rose)
Skill Effect:
Attacks with a sword, with a 50% chance to provoke for 1 turn when the caster's Health is more than 50%, or increase Defense of the caster for 1 turn when the caster's Health is less than 50%. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's Defense.
Shield of LightShield of Light
Skill Effect:
Covers an ally with the Shield of Light, dispelling two debuffs and granting a barrier for 2 turns before increasing Combat Readiness by 10%. Barrier strength is proportional to the caster's Defense.
Goddess of VictoryGoddess of Victory
Skill Effect:
Gives blessing to all allies, increasing Attack for 1 turn, and Combat Readiness by 15%.


Mission Keeper
Mission Keeper Reward Bonus: +10%
Dispatch Mission: [Fear] Attribute

Rose - Awakening

Awaken Main Additional
1 Health: +3% Attack: +20
Health: +60
2 Defense: +3% Attack: +20
Health: +60
3 Enhance: Goddess of Victory Attack: +20
Health: +60
4 Effect Resistance: +12% Attack: +30
Health: +80
5 Health: +6% Attack: +30
Health: +80
6 Defense: +6% Attack: +30
Health: +80

Rose - Enhancements

Skill Enhancement

Required Materials
Gold.pngGold MolaGora.pngMolaGora MolaGora Go.pngMolaGora Go
Mysterious Flash.pngMysterious Flash Reingar Student ID.pngReingar Student ID


Required Materials
Frost Rune.pngFrost Rune Greater Frost Rune.pngGreater Frost Rune Epic Frost Rune.pngEpic Frost Rune
Dream Time Circuit.pngDream Time Circuit Reingar Student ID.pngReingar Student ID

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