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What is Guild

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This article will guide you on how to unlock the Guild feature for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more tips and information about unlocking this features within this section.

What is Guild?

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Just like any other game in this genre, Epic Seven also features a Guild system that you can form with your friends or join up to find friends that can help you become stronger and solve difficult tasks through requests for assistance. What are you waiting for? Get together with your friends and create the strongest guild in the game!

Benefits of Having a Guild

Daily Rewards

Everytime you check-in at your Guild it will give you Brave Crest daily which you can use to buy at the Guild Shop.


You can ask other Guild members for Runes, Catalysts, and Crafting Materials. This is especially helpful if you are running low on resources.


You can also give donations to the guild to help it flourish. When you donate, you will receive a Brave Crest and Commander's Armband that can be used at the Guild shop.

Guild Shop

Guild Shop.png
The Member shop is where guild members can buy resources such as the Tera-Phantasma, MolaGora Seed, Gold Transmit Stone, and many more. The currency used here are the Brave Crest and Commander's Armband which can be acquired through missions, guild war, and donation.

The other shop is the Captain Shop where only the Guild Captain and Vice-Captain can buy guild buffs for the whole team.

Guild War

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One of the important Guild functions is the Guild War where you can battle it out against the other guilds. After the Guild War, you will receive Mystic Medals that can be used at Mystic Summon.

World Boss

World Boss.jpg
World Boss is availablle in the guild war choosing among 16 of your heroes to battle. You can also receive rewards based on the score that you can get after battling the World Boss.

How to Unlock Guild

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You can unlock the Guild when your Account Rank reaches Lv. 10.

Tips about Guild

Join Guild as Early as Possible

Playing alone can be cool for us but not in this game, it is recommended to joing Guild as early as you unlock them to gain rewards everyday that can be helpful in your progress.

Join Big Guilds

It is better to join bigger guilds with a lot of members on it so you can ask help from many people. However, it may be difficult to join these guilds due to its guild captain's specific requirements.

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