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What to Do After Clearing 10-10

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Epic Seven. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Epic Seven.

This article will guide you on What to do after clearing 10-10 for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more tips and information regarding different content to view after clearing 10-10 within this section.

What to do after clearing 10-10

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After finishing the story or rather the Chapter 10-10 Shirieking Hall. this is where the grinding will enter, farming your end game items and MAX leveling your heroes. There are other contents that you can do after clearing the story:

Unrecorded History

Unrecorded History.jpg

Side Story

Explore another story of the protagonist after the war. Go on a quest and explore Ritania once again with higher difficulty. If your heroes are still not at MAX level you can level them up here by playing through the story.


You can gain extra Breath of Orbis in this content and you can also unlock the Epic Catalyst in the AP exchange shop while playing this content.

Episode 2: Cidonia Continent



Embark on another adventure and continue the story of the protagonist with a higher difficulty and more exciting rewards. Another content that is good for leveling up your heroes and at the same time playing through the story.


You can also gain extra Breath of Orbis on this content through the AP exchange shop and also some Epic Grade Equipment is also available at the shop.

Hunt & Spirit Altar

Hunt and Spirit Altar.png


Grinding for your gears? This content will be the best place to easily farm for your gears or materials for crafting until you can do the MAX level for the hunt which is the Hunt 11 then you will keep grinding this content until you achieved your end game gears.

Spirit Altar

This content can be used for farming Spirit Runes which can be used for your hero awakening that makes your hero stronger.

Labyrinth & Hell Raid

Hell Raid.jpg


Explore the Labyrinth and gain some really good equipment rewards through this content.


This content really gives good rewards when you finish it, be sure to explore this area when you have a really good raid team.
You can unlock Raid after clearing Unrecorded History: Chapter. 5-9.

Abyss & Automation Tower

Abyss and Automation.png


You can also complete the remaining floors of Abyss since you cannot complete it entirely when playing the Adventure stage, be sure you have the right team composition to complete all the floor.

Automation Tower

This tower is also helpful to grind since it can give really good rewards including the Galaxy Bookmark once you finish the whole tower. The Automation Tower resets every month.

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