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What is Unknown Slate

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In this article, we teach players what an Unknown Slate is and more information about it for the game Epic Seven.

What is an Unknown Slate?

The Unknown Slate is a very rare material that is used to increase the Devotion Imprint of a Natural 5★ heroes.

This material is mainly used to upgrade the Devotion Imprint of Limited Heroes like Dizzy and Seaside Bellona since it is very hard to predict when their banners will be available again.

Where to Get Unknown Slate?

The Unknown Slate can only be received by purchasing it in the Conquest Points section of the Shop. This material can only be purchased once per Arena Season which makes it a extremely valuable resource for players to have.

Players were also able to get this material during a balance patch that nerfed multiple Natural 5★ heroes. Players would be able to receive this as an additional reward when recalling their heroes with Devotion Imprints.

Similar Materials


Epic Seven Meteorshard

The Meteorshard has almost the same function as the Unknown Slate but, it is used to upgrade the Devotion Imprint of Natural 4★ heroes.

Currently, this can only be attained when players recalled their Crimson Armin with a Devotion Imprint during the patched it was nerfed.

World Fragment

Epic Seven World Fragment

The World Fragment is the same as the Meteorshard, but using the material is limited to only Mercedes and Celestial Mercedes.

World Fragments can be obtained by clearing each Crack In the World Stage for the first time in Adventure mode and Unrecorded History.

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