Epic Seven

List of Light Heroes

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Epic Seven. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Epic Seven.

This page contains a list of all Light heroes in the game Epic Seven. Use this page if you wish to see our ratings for each Light heroes and know their Rating.

Hero by Element
Fire IconFire Ice IconIce Earth IconEarth
Light IconLight Dark IconDark

All Light Heroes

Hero Grade Element Rating
Ambitious TywinAmbitious Tywin 5 Light 8.5/10
Ruele of LightRuele of Light 5 Light 8.75/10
Conqueror LiliasConqueror Lilias 5 Light 8.5/10
BelianBelian 5 Light 7.5/10
Little Queen CharlotteLittle Queen Charlotte 5 Light 8.5/10
Faithless LidicaFaithless Lidica 5 Light 8.5/10
Spirit Eye CelineSpirit Eye Celine 5 Light 7.25/10
Last Rider KrauLast Rider Krau 5 Light 8/10
Lionheart CermiaLionheart Cermia 5 Light 8.5/10
Desert Jewel BasarDesert Jewel Basar 5 Light 8.25/10
Maid ChloeMaid Chloe 5 Light 8.5/10
Silver Blade AraminthaSilver Blade Aramintha 5 Light 8.75/10
Specimen SezSpecimen Sez 5 Light 9/10
Sage Baal & SezanSage Baal & Sezan 5 Light 8/10
Judge KiseJudge Kise 5 Light 9/10
Solitaria of the SnowSolitaria of the Snow 5 Light 7.75/10
Free Spirit TieriaFree Spirit Tieria 4 Light 8.5/10
Tempest SurinTempest Surin 4 Light 8.5/10
Angel of Light AngelicaAngel of Light Angelica 4 Light 7.75/10
Benevolent RomannBenevolent Romann 4 Light 8.5/10
General PurrgisGeneral Purrgis 4 Light 7.75/10
Fighter MayaFighter Maya 4 Light 7.75/10
Blaze DingoBlaze Dingo 4 Light 8/10
Watcher SchuriWatcher Schuri 4 Light 8.75/10
Guider AitherGuider Aither 4 Light 7.75/10
Crimson ArminCrimson Armin 4 Light 8.5/10
Wanderer SilkWanderer Silk 4 Light 8.25/10
YoonryoungYoonryoung 3 Light 6.5/10
Captain RikorisCaptain Rikoris 3 Light 8/10
EatonEaton 3 Light 7.25/10
Kikirat v2Kikirat v2 3 Light 7.5/10
GloomyrainGloomyrain 3 Light 7.75/10
CelesteCeleste 3 Light 7.75/10
SoniaSonia 3 Light 7.5/10
ElsonElson 3 Light 7.75/10
DorisDoris 3 Light 7.5/10
RikorisRikoris 3 Light 8.5/10
GuntherGunther 3 Light 7/10
MirsaMirsa 3 Light 8.25/10
CamillaCamilla 3 Light 6.5/10
ArowellArowell 3 Light 7.75/10
Magic Scholar DorisMagic Scholar Doris 3 Light 8/10

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## List of Heroes

Hero Ratings by Rarity When Summoned
5 Grade5 Grade 4 Grade4 Grade 3 Grade3 Grade
Hero by Element
Fire IconFire Ice IconIce Earth IconEarth
Light IconLight Dark IconDark
Hero by Class
Knight IconKnight RangerRanger ThiefThief
Soul WeaverSoul Weaver WarriorWarrior MageMage
List of All Heroes


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