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We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Epic Seven. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Epic Seven.

This article will guide you on the battle system of the game Epic Seven. Read on for more information on understanding the battle system of the game.

Introduction to Battle System


The interface of the Battle system will look like the picture above, every battle that you will encounter this will be the default setup. The only differences that it will have is the monsters and heroes that you are using, you can also take note of the background where it changes on every content.

Basic Controls - Battle

Interface with Controls.jpg

A - Turn Bar

This section determines on which character will go first, it will start from the TOP to BOTTOM where the characters that are on bottom will be the first to take turn.

B - Skills

This is composed of your heroes three different skills, starting from the left to right: Basic Skill, Secondary Skill, Ultimate Skill. Choose wisely on how to use your heroes skills to have an advantage against the enemies and clear the game.

C - Enemies

On the other side of your team is the enemy team, after choosing the skill that you want to use you can tap on which enemy that you are going to target. AoE attacks are different which will target all your enemies.

D - Team

There are certain skills that are used on your team (Eg. Heal, Buff, Resurrection) so the mechanisms for this skill are the same as attacking the enemy. You just have to tap the desired on which skill that you want to use.

E - Soulburn Bar

This bar fills up with souls every time that you use a skill. You can use this bar to summon your Guardian or use the Soulburn Effect of your hero skills.

Basic Controls - After Battle

After Battle Controls.jpg

A - Back

Tapping this button will return you to the Stage Map.

B - Lobby

This will bring you back to the lobby faster rather than tapping the back button.

C - Try Again

Allows you to repeat the stage again.

D - Next Stage

Proceeds to the next stage of the map.
Note: This function only works on Adventure mode. If you are doing other contents such as: (Hunt, Altar, etc.) this function will not be available.

AI Mode/Behavior

General Farming

Enemy AI will always attack a random target but the unit that is placed in the front has the highest chance of getting attacked.

Wyvern 11 (Hunt)

This content for farming is different than the others, whereas the boss will only attack the front unit and it will not stop until the unit dies. After that, it will start attaking randomly.


Arena is a different content where you will battle heroes not just monsters. These are the different behaviors of enemy AI in the arena:

  • Enemy AI will never use Soulburn Effect on their skills.
  • They will follow the rules of Elemental Advantage EXCEPT When a unit is Invulnerable
  • There are certain heroes with unique skills that is not affected by Elemental disadvantage such as: (Eg. Luna: Ultimate Skill, Cidd: Ultimate Skill when buffed, Melissa: Ultimate Skill). When this happens they will attack a random target.

Elements that affect Battle System


At the start of the battle, this stat will determine on which enemy will have the highest Combat Readiness the higher speed means the chances of having the first turn is high. Be sure to invest in this stat to have an advantage in the game.

Combat Readiness

Combat Readiness will determine the flow of the battle, after every turn the CR decreases,so it will be good to have a CR pusher in your team to gain an advantage in this turn base gameplay.

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