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Best Use of Skystone

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Epic Seven. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of updates, event guides and character releases for Epic Seven.

In this article, we teach players what are the best ways to use Skystone and how to earn and save Skystone for the game Epic Seven.

Best Way to Use Skystone

#1 Epic Pass

Epic Seven Epic Pass Upgrade

The Epic Pass is the best item to purchase with Skystone in the game. The player is able to gain a wide variety of currencies and rewards when progressing through the Epic Pass.

#2 Covenant Bookmarks Bundle

The Covenant Bookmarks Bundle is very worth it since it allows the player to summon more heroes and/or artifacts. The value of this bundle has increased significantly when the developers added most Moonlight Heroes to the summon pool.

#3 Increasing Max Equipment Inventory

Increasing the Max Equipment Inventory will always benefit the player. The more equipment the player can store, the more convenient it is to handle the gathered equipment.

The player can gather more equipment choices when building their heroes and the player is able to make more runs without being interrupted by the Max Inventory message.

#4 Increasing Max Hero Inventory Size

Since the introduction of the Storage increasing the Max Hero Inventory Size has lost a bit of its value. But nonetheless, increasing the Max Hero Inventory Size allows the player to have more hero options to clear the game's content.

#5 Increasing Max Hero Teams

Increasing the Max Hero Teams mainly makes it more convenient for the player to quickly choose a pre-arranged team for certain content.

#6 Additional Energy

This method of spending Skystone is not recommended for newer players. This method is mainly done by players who have exceeded the minimum amount Skystone and is farming Stage 11 Hunts for gearing their heroes.

#7 Climbing Arena

Spending Skystones to buy Arena Flags is only recommended for players who want to increase their Arena League and players who are competing for the top ranks in Arena.

This is mainly done by players who are in the Champion and Legend leagues competing for the top ranks before the Arena week or Arena season ends.

#8 Refreshing the Secret Shop

Doing this method is for players who need a lot of Covenant Bookmarks or Mystic Medals in exchange for gold. This method is cheaper than buying the Covenant Bookmarks Bundle but will cost the player millions of gold.

NOTE: All other ways to spend Skystone that are not mentioned have too little rewards for the amount of Skystone spent.

How to Earn and Save Skystone

Earning Skystone

There are multiple ways for the player to earn Skystone in the game. Here is the list of where, how, and how much Skystone is earned.

Free Methods

Heart of Orbis Collect in the Sanctuary after the building fully charges.
Adventure Stage Quests Complete the Quest stated in each Stage.
(Also applies to Side Stories)
Region Rewards Complete Stage Quests in each Region.
(Also applies to Side Stories)
Arena NPC Challenges Defeat the NPC Arena Teams every time they refresh.
Weekly Arena Rewards This is received after the Arena Week resets.
Arena League Promotions This is received every time the player gets promoted to a higher league.
Hunts Drops randomly when the player finishes hunt stages.
Automaton Tower A total of 500 Skystones seperated across different floors.
Abyss A total of 5600 Skystones seperated across different floors.
Labyrinth Quests Complete the Quests stated in the Labyrinths.
Reputations Complete the task stated in reputations
(Also applies to some daily and weekly reputations).
Queen Azumashik's Gift 100 Skystones are received as a random reward when purchasing the gift in the Raid shop.

Paid Method

Most Packs sold by Epic Seven contain Skystones as a reward but the most notable ones are the Rank Up packs and the Monthly pack 1.

These two packs have the most value when the player is looking for packs that contain Skystones.

NOTE: The Rank Up packs can only be purchased once.

Saving Skystone

The player should have a minimum of 12,300 Skystones before thinking about spending it. 11,400 Skystone for a guaranteed summon for any banner, and an additional 900 Skystone to purchase a Premium Epic Pass when it is available.

If the player is able to exceed the minimum amount of Skystone, the player may spend their Skystone on whatever they desire.

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