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What is Charms

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This article will guide you on what is charms for the game Epic Seven. Read on for more information regarding the item Charms and its uses.

What is Charms

Charms are items that are used to enhance equipment including the enhancement of artifact. These items are needed when you are enhancng gears to strengthen your heroes.
For more information about enhancing, see the link below:
How to Enhance Items

Types of Charms

There are different type of Charms that can be used for enhancement. These are the different Charms that is available in the game:

Armor & Weapon Charms Used to Enhance Armor and Weapon equipment.
Accessory Charms Used to Enhance Accessory equipment (Eg. Necklace and Ring)
Artifact Charms Used to Enhance Artifacts.

Note: All of these charms may vary from Lesser, Greater, or Epic grade. The higher the grade means more exp can be gain from it.

How to obtain Charms

There are several ways on how to obtain charms, you can obtain through the shop or exchange shop in some side story event and earn by item drop rate from playing adventure.
These are some of the ways to obtain charms:

Location Availability
Shop (Ancient Coin) Lesser Necklace Charm
Greater Necklace Charm
Lesser Ring Charm
Greater Ring Charm
Shop (Conquest Points) Lesser Weapon Charm
Lesser Helmet Charm
Lesser Armor Charm
Lesser Boots Char.
Side Story (Exchange Shop) Depends on the exchange shop but mostly sells Lesser Charms for all equipment.
Adventure or Battle Mode Drop rate chance

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