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This page lists the material Gold in the game Epic Seven. Read on for more information on its uses and how to obtain Gold.

Gold - Information


Gold Currency
A currency used to purchase various goods.

Gold - How To Obtain

Shop (Normal) 150,000 Gold + Bonus 22,500 = 120 Skystones
750,000 Gold + Bonus 187,500 = 600 Skystones
1,500,000 + Bonus 525,000 = 1,200 Skystones
Adventure, Side Story, Hunt, Spirit Altar Stages Every time you finish a stage it will give Gold as a reward.
Automaton Floor Reward Every Floor of the Automaton gives out Gold as a reward.
Heart of Orbis (Sanctuary) Gan Gold on a certain amount of time using this sanctuary.
Abyss Floor Rewards Floor 15 = 200,000 Gold
Floor 26 = 750,000 Gold
Floor 30 = 300,000 Gold
Floor 45 = 500,000
Floor 46 = 1,500,000 Gold
Floor 60 = 1,000,000 Gold
Floor 66 = 3,000,000 Gold
Floor 75 = 1,500,000 Gold
Floor 85 = 3,000,000 Gold
Floor 91 = 3,000,000 Gold

Gold - Where to Use

Hero Enhancement and Promotion Every time you enhance or promote a hero it will require Gold.
Item Enhancement Every time you enhance an item it will require Gold.
Alchemist's Steeple (Sanctuary) When crafting at this sanctuary it will require Gold to craft items.
Steel Workshop (Sanctuary) When crafting at this sanctuary it will require Gold to craft items.
Secret Shop/Vagrant Merchant` Buying at this shop requires Gold.

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